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Published: Wednesday 13th of October 2004 12:47:55 AM


Hasan Ghodrati
Thank you... Thank you Wilson for your prompt response, I appreciate it. Looking forward to seeing more of your work. Kind regards - Hasan

david barnard
I love it!!!!! 7/7

Chee Hong Peow ( CHiPs )
Wilson ,LOve the composition...beautiful image !!!

Dennis Jones
7/7 Wilson, don't give many 7/7....but this is really nice and well done.

Guido Fulgenzi
Beautiful composition and great details!

ilkka räisänen
Bravo Wilson! You have an beautiful and _original_ maple leaf.

Colin Carron
Beautifully done!

Marc Aubry
7-7 Really a fantastic image. !

Jan Olof Härnström
Artistic and outstanding. A fallen angel it seems. 7/7

Stephen Galea

Stephen Forsyth
6/6 Selective desaturation can be quite tacky, but when it works... perfect composition, the diagonal plane works well, and the mix of textures, and the contrast between the static rocks and the movement of the water linked by the fragile leaf, still, but easily washed away by a stray breeze or change in water level.

mario balzan
just stunning!

Allon Kira
7/7 Excellent work, Wilson!!!

Francesco Martini
a simple and very nice image!!!!!!

Linda Keagle
Wilson What you call "Lifeless" is actually full of life, energy, portent....

Martino Balestreri
fantastico lavoro! Eccellente! Ciao.

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you ladies and gents... Thank you fellow PNers for your kind feedback, I do appreciate them all. Yes, Linda & Jared, as I was posting the picture with the title, I also find it ironic that the dead leaf is the liveliest thing in the image. Lets reflect on that thought a bit, shall we? Or, may be another interpretation is that the title implies its surroundings, and not the leaf itself? Think, think, think . . . ^_^

Roberto P
Nice and creative Wilson. As usual.

Pitman Lee
Excellent! just Excellent!

Johnnie Walker
This is a 7/7 but the title just doesn't fit, I understand the leaf is dead and lifeless but this photograph illustrates the irony of the fall season so well, it is anything but lifeless; in fact it is life affirming...maybe no title at all would be sufficient. Wonderful work!!!!!!!!!!!

Maria Conversano
Exellent play with colors and tone. Great composition and details! Fantastic!

Kim Slonaker
I hate to disagree with everyone, so I won't! Great image, Wilson! 7/7 from me, too. This is an appealing way to present an Autumn leaf. Nice detail and lighting.

Ray Wei
Seven/seven, I have not rated that for a while, but I can't hold it off. Man, this is way too cool.

Ken Beilman
Wilson Absolutely fantastic shot. I'm with Ray W and Dennis J 7/7. This photo speaks for itself.

Howard Dion
Way up there in your best ever submissions.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wislon This is really wonderful. One very fascinating thing for me is the lack of acid rain spots on the perfect leaf. The way I remember them as a child. Today, at least here in KY, they are all spotted and damaged in someway. The blur of the backround water is complementary, that you chose to desaturate it is accentuates the leafs color and form in contrast with the smooth water. The diagonal flow is perfect. Wonderful job!

willy marthinussen
very good.. love the composition and the theme..a good photo with both silence and movement..time to reflect on this one....7/7 --willy--

Alia Petrey
Excellent! 7/7

Tony Georgiadis
7/7 Very good job Wilson.

Jos Van Poederooyen
Thank you for a beautiful look at a tiny piece of Fall, that makes a big impression.

Tuhin Saha
I have seen lots of images on this theme but this one stands out , well done Wilson ..

Ryan Buck
Perfect shot This is perfect. Great job!

Jared B.
Great This is great, But I dont like the title very much. When I first saw it, I saw the leaf with full of life. Just my opinion. But the photo its self is Great. Jared

Gabriella Lucia
Top notch creativity and composition.

Wilson Tsoi
Hasan... Thanks Roberto and Peter for your comments. Hasan Ghodrati asked via e-mail of how this image was done, so I figured I'll share with everyone (forgive me if you already know): Duplicate layer > image > adjust > desaturate. Erase the color area on this duplicated layer with "eraser tool" by varying the tool's opacity and feather amount as you see fit. Alternatively, you can also select the area to keep with "lasso tool" and certain "feather" amount (if needed) > select > inverse > delete. Flatten the layer, and that's it. Have fun. ^_^

Lilian Popescu
Perfect. I love this.

Jan Olof Härnström
The fallen angel looks very nice in the original version (saturated). Anyhow both versions are great.

Rock Scott
Wilson, Another great shot. How about posting it prior desaturating - just to compare. I love the way this photo presents itself and I would love to see what you saw to develop the finished product. Thanks. rock

Gaetan Chevalier
Excellent work, bravo.

Robert Marleau
great still life, wonderful!

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
This is gorgeous, Wilson!! Sorry I didn't catch it sooner. The color on the B&W background is stunning here, and the motion in the water makes it even better. Gorgeous!!!

Cristina Fumi
A perfect image from a great photographer, Wilson.

Rich Evans
Hi Wilson... While contemplating giving this a 7/7, I had to think for a second about the 'originality' part of the rating since there have been other "leaf in water" images, however since the addition of the motion blur and the selective desaturation has added so much to the image, I decided that its definitely worth the '7' - very nicely done. --Rich

Howard Dion
Wls Congratulations, this image is at the top of the TRP.

Mark Berkson
Great Again! Dito to all above. Great use of multiple techniques pre and post-exposure. What about the perfect leaf? Did you have to look long and hard or did you touch up the black spots in PS?

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all... Thanks everyone for your feedback. Appreciate all comments, really. As for comparison with the non-desaturated verson, here it is. There were no spots at all on this leaf, but it did took me a while to spot it.

Mario Spalla
Simply beautiful!!!!! My best regards Wilson!

Nigel Corlett
Wonderful shot.

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks again all for commenting. Appreciate it. ^_^

Charlotte Strutt
lovely love it, the crispness of the leaf compared to the smooth stones and water, makes it calming to look at, would love to have it on my wall!

Wilson Tsoi
"Lifeless," A Fallen Leaf. Thoughts? "Lifeless," a fallen leaf in a stream. Thanks in advance for taking the time.

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