"Architecture 101"

by Tsoi Wilson

architecture seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Tuesday 12th of October 2004 02:15:02 AM


Davide Tizzoni
Colors !! Nice colors, good composition!

Howard Dion
I must have missed this and been in la la land or something. Excellent composition and the range of colors are outstanding.

Wilson Tsoi
Ladies and gents... Thanks for your feedback. Ray, glad to stir up some old memories. "Among a few things," did you mean an achitectural term, or the skirt? Stephen, I don't know about Bilboa's Gougenheim or the Disney's Concert Hall, but Gehry's EMP here in Seattle is very colorful, especially on a sunny, summer day. Golarka, howdy, robot, not surprising. Care to elaborate? ^_^

mario balzan
Excellent image of Gehry`s undulations.

Stephen Forsyth
Good, but the pinks at the bottom are a bit annoying. Desaturate?

Ray Wei
Wilsonistique Skirt happens to be an architectural term -- among a few things I learned when attenting a college of architecture and engineering. I really like this concept. It's on my list of good shots from you. Congrats.

Filip Pizlo
very nice colors.

Jim Trombley
I thought I recognized those colors and shapes.... Excellent.

Maria Di Liegro
The colors and lines make this a beauty! I absolutely LOVE that shade of red. It's really enticing.

Umit Altun
7:6 Very nice architectural detail and colors!!! Regards...

Alec Ee
Cool! Love the reds next to the blue shades

Wilson Tsoi
"Achitecture 101," EMP in Detail. Achitecture 101, at least for Frank Gehry anyway. Thoughts? ^_^

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