"Home in the Sky"

by Tsoi Wilson

home in the sky seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Category: Abstract

Published: Saturday 9th of October 2004 01:48:03 PM


Lou Ann Aepelbacher
WOW!! Works for me, yes! This is really cool. Seems to be WAY outside of your normal ... and you've done VERY well with it. I recognized the buildings from your other shot. Great colors. The birds (bird?) are the perfect final touch!!

Pitman Lee
Very very cool, I like it alot! can i live here too? ;)

Hector Brandan
6/6 Very nice picture, congratulations...

Stephen Forsyth
How about an alternative title- Do Homes Dream of Plastic Ducks? He he, couldn't resist that one. The house wants to be a mobile home, free to roam.

willy marthinussen
Very cool..congrat.. --willy--

David McCracken
I wonder..... I wonder how the people who actually live in this house feel? Yes Wilson!

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson Really, really neat! Nice PS work, shadows all in the right place. So nice the birds cooperated.

Kim Slonaker
Interesting composition, Wilson. You are definitely out of the box on this one. It's good to change it up once in awhile and you never disappoint.

Jim McConnell

Howard Dion
NEWS FLASH: Wilson Tsoi has made a departure from the norm. He posted something new and creative on Photo.net. This image has a surrealistic flare that excites the senses and tingles the imagination. I strongly recommend you stop by and take a peak.

mondiani .
hello Wilson,

Don't mind but I found it too unreal: the unusual shape of the house and its colors do not help to make it look real and not just drawn...


Mondiani party event photographer

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks, Ray. Shhh h h h .. . .. don't give it away just yet. ^_^ Hey Golarka, how you're doing, robot?

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all for your feedback. Appreciate it. ^_^

Ray Wei
I really like it Your photos just made a new turn. Very creative. Another design might be to have a few boxes flying at the bottom third, so there many boxes from large to small.

Ken Beilman
Very creative, Wilson.

Wilson Tsoi
Ladies and gents, Thank you all for your feedback. This is something I do up to satisfy the other spectrum, the "fantasy" side, as in oppose to a purist stance of non-manipulated, film based. Mondiani, thanks for your input and of course I don't mind any suggestion and attached image at all (that's why the feature is available, I think.) Yes, it's suppose to be "unreal," hence the word, "fantasy." It's just for fun. ^_^

mondiani .
everyone his own style is better than copy cat ;)


Mondiani party event photographer

Alec Ee
Wilson, when will you do a Ben Goosens style image? I'd like to see that. (",)

Detlef Klahm
what is art...how does one define what is good art and what is not...sometimes the meaning behind it...but we all interpret things differently...sometimes its just the colour...sometimes its the shapes....the simplicity....sometimes its all of those combined. I have not enough time today to comment on all the images (and I have only looked at one folder) that I am impressed with. But I will come back to your work at a later date to get " juiced up" again!

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks Alec, Mondiani, and Detlef for your feedback. Yes, Ben Goosens' work is amazing, definitely agree with that. I guess it'll all depend on what one feels, and/or has access to.

Wilson Tsoi
"Sky Home Fantasy," If a home could dream...? Rubik's Cube Home, not really. It's one of Piet Blom's photoOverblaak homes having a dream. Background was shot handheld at ISO800 in Woodinville. Works for you? ^_^

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