"One at a Time"

by Tsoi Wilson

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Published: Saturday 9th of October 2004 11:05:39 AM


i like how the sharpness on his shirt stabalizes the action.

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
AWESOME, Wilson!! And great that you were there!! I'm so psyched for you that you snapped at the EXACT right time ... and this really SHOULD be on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Your rendering is super, too!

Francesco Martini

Guido Fulgenzi
Stunnig action shot,this pic could be on the cover of Sport Illustrated!

Gabriella Lucia
Thanks Wilson, I now feel all my baseball shots look like crap. This is awesome!

Hector Brandan
10/10 Guuaaooo,Excellent picture Friend, congratulations...10/10

Wilson Tsoi
Ladies and gents... Thanks so far for your kind words. Can't wait to see 'rounders' in UK, David, but Noriko's Ichiro-Mania in Tokyo sounds interesting too. As for SI cover, I don't know if they'd care for the zoom blur treatment (Blur>Radial>Zoom in separate layer, and selectively feather erased.) The sepia choice was for a bit of nostalgia (Adjust>Desaturate>Variation.) Peter, your Cubs photos rock. BTW, just want to clarify that this was not the historical hit (no such luck,) but rather from a regular season game this summer. It was one of his 262 hits nevertheless. ^_^

Sarah Underhill
Perfect timing! Great shot. Great digital darkroom.

Tony Georgiadis
Great action Wilson Congratulations.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson Outstanding. Action, stance, ball meets bat! Very well done.

Wim Ipenburg
sevens again! Wilson, I don't know what all you did in PS, after making this basicly fantastic shot, but it was the right thing you did! This is great work man!

Allon Kira
Exellent action shot!!!!! Cheers, allon.

Jan Olof Härnström
Pow! A real hit. Action and elegance. Top rates are not enough.

Kim Slonaker
Great sense of action, Wilson! Nothing to detract from the man and the hit - no crowd in the background, no other players, the entire focus is on him, which is fitting since I read your commentary. Perfect timing, too!

Angel Luis Hernandez
Good moment!!

Maria Conversano
Exellent! Great capture. The tone works very well in this photo. Congratulations!

Linda Keagle
Wilson You were the one who hit a home run with this......

Also Japan is risen in the same way with Ichiro's topic. special shot!! Great.

David McCracken
In the UK..... In the UK, this is called 'rounders.' Wouldn't have recognised this as one of yours!

Ken Beilman
Wilson Tremendous rendering of a great action shot. Love the sepia tones and the motion blur (or is that radial blur or maybe both?). You do it all my friend!

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all for your favorable feedback. Appreciate it. ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks, folks... Mahmood, please do refer to technical detail as well as posting above. Eric, so glad to learn that there's a fellow Ichiro fan in PN! Kristin, thanks for your feedback. Always happy to share. ^_^

Erik Lundh
From a Fan I am a huge Mariner and Ichiro fan. This was a shot between second and short as I recall. It gives me goose bumps. Excellent.

Mahmood Hamidi
Very well done. Full of action.
Did you create the zoom effect in PS? How?

kristin morales
I am impressed...this looks great! I like how you shared the effects used to create this one...excellent.

Detlef Klahm
I am pretty sure that the original shot was not what I see here...but who the hell cares...after all...Ansel Adams work came to life in the darkroom. This is one awesome sport shot!

Howard Dion
Wowwwwww! When I opened the tumbnail, I got dizzy for a minute. I could feel the motion and the roar of the crowd. Really excellent work.

Wilson Tsoi
"One At a Time," How Ichiro Broke MLB Single Season Hit Record. My tribute to Ichiro's record season of 262 hits. Doing it one at a time. (George Sissler's old record of 257 hits stood for over 80 years.)

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