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Published: Friday 8th of October 2004 06:39:45 PM


Thomas Collins
Background aside (shop-vac?? okay...), this young lady's beauty, expression and pose just magically demands a smile from the viewer in return. I like how the blankets form a natural frame on the left and sort of wrap around her. Well done John!

John Peri
Not sure what a shop vac is, but thanks for the comment about the disturbing background. I may try just blackening out the whole area.

Darko Kordovan
Nice photo John!!

Jeff Henry
John, you always have Great models, and your work matches thier beauty! Very Good work!!!!

John Peri
Thanks Jeff, but all the credit is to the young lady ..

Ryan Buck
This is great, but the item in the background (it looks like a shop vac to me) is way too distracting. I'd photoshop it out of focus a bit more so it's not competing with the beauty on the couch.

Super.... really fantastic job

John Peri
A moment's relaxation ... Just another photo of a charming friend ....

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