Reincarnation at metal works # 1

by Amelkovich Igor

reincarnation at metal works nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

Gallery: NUDE & EROTIC

Tags: nude seeking critique

Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Friday 8th of October 2004 11:14:13 AM


Greg Goldstein
Should have been shot with X-ray film!

Kirill Kozmin
Gregory Stuart G: but under the coat she is all nude!

Greg Goldstein
Nude and erotic? The only thing hard in this image is the steel.

Greg Goldstein
You need to develop a sense of humor. Welcome to, I see it's your first day. I have looked at ALL of his images and like them. Still, this is not a nude. Lighten up!!!!

Arkadiy Dubovoy
Come on, Gregory, give Igor a break. He is a proven talented artist, he can start building on his previous works. The beauty of this picture is not in what is shown, but in what is hidden, and if you don't know what is hidden, just look at Igor's portfolio. Sorry for having to point out the obvious.

Mark Satola
I think I like this one the best! Including it in with "nudes and erotic" is a nice touch. We all know that the model, like every one of us, is nude beneath the garment; this rather emphasizes the vulnerability of our naked form by placing it, protectively wrapped, in a plainly "hostile" environment.

Igor Amelkovich
Reincarnation at metal works # 1 Old factory.

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