Pin # 4

by Funke Stephan

pin seeking critique funke stephan

Gallery: The Ancient City of Bangkok with khun Pin.

Tags: seeking critique

Category: Portrait

Published: Wednesday 6th of October 2004 02:53:23 PM


Tiina Haasma
very nice! 7/7

Umair Ghani
ur ancient world dancer is full of charms. fantatsic picture. no question about that. the mood, posture, light, composition....everything is stunning. everything so artistically placed. marvellous indeed.

Paul de Vries
Great photo, love it. beautifull composed. However on my monitor it looks a bit flat. I took the liberty to make a simple and small level corrections. What do you think about this correction?

Armindo Lopes
Very good and, peronally, I like better your original version. Question of taste...

Eugene Zaikonnikov
The tones so smooth that it looks almost like rendered by computer. Great lighting and fine work.

Milos Bercik
7/7 Beautiful princess.

Stephan Funke
Thanks for your kind comments To Paul de Vries: Yes, I think this is o.k. It is a question of taste how dark you go and the darker, the more details you loose in the shadows. Stephan

Paul de Vries
Stephan Funke; the way I changed the levels, I did not trow away any information. I still can see all the details in the darker areas. So I guess it is more a difference in monitor settings.

Stephan Funke
Feedback is very welcome The ANCIENT CITY ( Muang Boran) close to Bangkok is a gem full of wonderful locations and possibilities for a photographer. Khun Pin is a teacher for traditional THAI CLASSIC DANCE

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