Pin # 3

by Funke Stephan

pin seeking critique funke stephan

Gallery: The Ancient City of Bangkok with khun Pin.

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Category: Portrait

Published: Wednesday 6th of October 2004 02:51:33 PM


Stephan Funke
About glow and light Yes, the light is aviable light at that door. I accept Steve*s remark about the glow, but this was my intention. Thanks Stephan

Stephen Galea
I really like the pose but i find highlights are overexposed...

nabarun bhattacharya
this is one of the better portraits i ve seen.perfect lighting ( natural ? ). i dont have objections to the slight photoshopping. nicely done.

Stephan Funke
Feedback is very welcome The skin got a minor treatment, highlights a gentle glow. A soft layer was added at about 50% opacity - but not at the eyes

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