"Forest Fire"

by Tsoi Wilson

forest fire seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Category: Nature

Published: Wednesday 6th of October 2004 02:35:22 PM


Stephen Forsyth
5/6 Well spotted. Not too sure about the DOF. though. The blur on the right really doesn't seem necessary in this context. Would have gone for a 6/6 without the blur. mmm... forest fire, fire moves, ripples... I wonder what would have happened if you experimented with moving the camera during the exposure to simulate the movement of the fire... and no excuses about having to get to the office, this is much more important!

David McCracken
It's Autumn now! Your obsession with leaves is now in season. This one is definitely not T/T. It's an OK image though Wilson! (Autumn = Fall)

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
This is a great close-up/abstract, Wilson. The reds DO sort of look like a forest fire. Wonder what Jayme would do with this as a digital alteration? :-)

Andrea Endisch
beautiful colours, especially with the blueish background (TOO beautiful to think about a forest fire..)

Francesco Martini
very original and nice colour!!!!

Howard Dion
How come I didn't know about this image? Very pleasing to the eye. The blue background adds excellent contrast to the red and green of the leaf. The right side is a little soft but I can live with it.

Wilson Tsoi
Ladies and gents, Thank you for your kind feedback. Appreciate them all. ^_^

Ken Beilman
Wilson Creative and well executed.

Ray Wei
First I thought the entire leaf should be in focus, then I looked at the title... and changed my mind. Clever design as a whole. :D

Good trick to introduce a third dimension by the blur... RE

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson Neat title. Wonderful color and contrasts. Is that a spot of dirt on your lense? (top left). I had one of those the other day, drove me insane until I finally managed to remove it! Must be the time of year!

Wilson Tsoi
"Forest Fire," a leaf turning color. Works for you? Taken as I was walking from parking lot to the office yesterday morning. Looks like forest fire? Thanks for your feedback. ^_^

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