"Reflection of Alkmaar"

by Tsoi Wilson

reflection of alkmaar seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Wednesday 6th of October 2004 03:56:13 AM


Francesco Martini
very nice image!!!!!!

Umair Ghani
beautiful colors. reflected image very well composed.

Chee Hong Peow ( CHiPs )
Beautiful reflection !!!

Tim Nichols

Hector Brandan
Nice picture, good shot, congratulations...

Howard Dion
You never know if you looking at something upside down, right side up, or sideways. Reflections rule!

TC Reed
Very nice work just as it is. As I would expect from you. The color is most vibrant which appeals to me personally.

Erin Albertson
You never cease to amaze me. Well done.

ilkka räisänen
Yesh Wilson, this is a very nice picture.

Stephen Forsyth
6/5 Very autumn. But the leaf version was good as well.

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you ladies and gents.... Thanks for all of your feedback. Well, just for comparison sake, here's the leaf version. ^_^

Ken Beilman
Wils Do like it better without the leaf. Great shot!

Maria Di Liegro
Thanks for giving us a version without the leaf! This is just great!!

David McCracken

Tony Georgiadis
Great reflections and saturated colors Ray. Well done

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Great with or without the leaf, Wilson. I like these reflections of yours!

Jos Van Poederooyen
So very beautiful, everything seems to be in the right place.

Ada Ipenburg
Beautiful reflection! As Tuhin already says: Your picture has the effect's of an oilpainting. Beautiful colours and lightening reflects into the 'gracht'! I think in the mean time you must know this dutch word very well, isn't it, Wilson? Best Regards, Ada. 7/7

Wilson Tsoi
You can call me Ray, Jay, Jack, John, Jim, Bill, Bob, Ben, etc... ...as long as you leave a comment, I appreciate it (just don't call me Jill, Jane, Christine, etc.) ^_^

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Love that red door and the deep blue. Wonderful reflection!

Tuhin Saha
Nice .. the 'effect' of oil painting ..

Charlotte Aberg
very nice reflection! but why not turn it 'upside down' ????i think turning reflections adds so much more context in one way, and mystery in another! well done!

Wilson Tsoi
"Reflection of Alkmaar," finally, a version without leaf. So here's the original version. Thoughts?

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