"Hmmm...Who Are Those People?"

by Tsoi Wilson

hmmmwho are those people kona seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Tuesday 5th of October 2004 10:55:05 PM


Chee Hong Peow ( CHiPs )
Wilson , excellent work ... this shot is more interesting upside down (Your way!!)... Great job!!

Kim Slonaker
I thought that was a funky looking sky - now I see why! Cool idea, Wilson. Must have been an almost perfect reflection for you to get away with this.

Howard Dion
Wilson, came back a second time for a look see. I really really like this image.

Stephen Forsyth
5/6 What do other people see me as? If I look at my reflection long enough, will I catch a whisper of what goes through the mind of others as they watch me? But most are just glimpses, brief judgements of life, fading in seconds into the ether of thought. I exist but a instant in their consideration, by the time I've thought this, they are on to something else. If I stare at my reflection long enough, will the ripples over that other person's eyes unmask a hint of my soul, do I really want to see into that darkness. Or in other words... turning this upside down makes the woman in the white t-shirt look like she has some serious fat roll problems from years of fast food abuse, but she sees no of it when she looks in the mirror! He he he! Deep, man... deep. Eh... oh, Beastie Boys on MTV2, gotta go... Sabotage!!

Jos Van Poederooyen
Great shot! Good idea to flip it, after all, what is up?

Howard Dion
Dude, I gave this IMAGE a double 7 becuase it is OUT OF SIGHT! Forget the upside down thing. No matter how you look at it, artists make paintings like this and become famous and make lots of money and....well you know!

Gabriella Lucia
That is awesome Wilson. Creative as heck.

Jeff Moody
Took me a long time, but I just realized that it's upside down yes? Great idea and beautifully executed! And the funny part is, that I was first thinking "what a shame that those great clouds weren't captured in the reflection..." when it's actually the "only" place that they were captured. Nice work here!!

Michael Strahammer
funny stuff

ilkka räisänen
Yesh Wilson, upsidedown works well here. I took many reflection pictures last weekend; maybe I will try the same ;-)

Christophe Debon
Good idea and composition !

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks for your feedback so far. I'm glad that most of you like it. Perhaps remind you of the little people in a HO-scale model railroad layout? Anyway, I guess Golarka Wyrocznia didn't think it was that clever, but then again, what can you expect from a robot. ^_^

Fabio Ficola
Excellent idea, very well executed

Maria Conversano
Great originality! Exellent work!

Nicholas Bryant
Yes this one does it!!! congratulations

Ray Wei
up side down Was this taken in Australia -- the down under? :D

Stephan Dietrich
They say a sign of good art is when you can hang the artwork on any side or angle. You have achieved that and more! Great posting, creativity, concept, etc., etc., ... all the way around! Very impressive!

Pnina Evental
Well Wilson, you are creating the Globe from the begining.....making major changings...... Beautiful. Pnina

Francesco Martini
very original!!!!!!!!

Armindo Lopes
Fantastic image with that outstanding reflection.

Allon Kira
Beautiful and very original, Wilson! a wonderful symmetric comp.! Cheers, allon.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wow! Took me a minute to take it all in. Perfect, definately 7/7. What more can I say!

sundaram natarajan
Really Amazing. Gud thought indeed.

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Cool! I love the reflections ... it's almost confusing as to which way is up. The only thing that throws me is the exact centeredness of the horizon line.

Marina Cano
GENIAL Wilson! :)

Alec Ee
I know you like reflections Wilson from your previous shots. But this is waaaaayyyyy taking it to the limits! ^_^ Kudos to you!

Wilson Tsoi
Ladies and gents, Thank you all for your feedback. Glad to see you all enjoyed it. ^_^

Regina Chayer
Always so gratifying to view your photos, I never fail to learn something new and see something unique. Really great shot!

Brad Kim
I love your presentation, Wilson.... Brilliant...!!!

Ken Beilman
Wilson Another one of your strengths - the art of reflection and surprise. Great shot!

Tony Georgiadis
Very well done Wilson.

Landrum Kelly
Great inversion! Clouds should look like this sometimes. --Lannie

Wilson Tsoi
"Hmmm...Who Are Those Sharp People Down There?" Another Twilight Zone? Reality can play a trick on us sometimes. Unmanipulated, nothing pretty, just reflecting...thoughts? ^_^

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