in depth

by Shaman Evgeniy

in depth seeking critique shaman evgeniy

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Published: Tuesday 5th of October 2004 11:17:08 AM


this is good,,,thanks

Suvi S
I like this jagged image and its quiet colours.

Richard Emslie
As impressed as ever. Your works realy do stand out! I thought perhaps it was a little bottom heavy at first, but I think that the buzzier patches along the diagonal from top left to bottom right do balance it out nicely.

And I like the memories idea. With glass (fragile?)

Again, very Impressive.

Prevor Drake
good composition!!! very beautiful effect... but why model doesn't smile!??!?! It's a little sad... but Good Shot!!

Evgeniy Shaman
answers To Richard Emslie: About glass - it is old peeled mirror... To Prevor Drake: dark art - is my style... i love dark moods in art-photo (they are very hard in creation)... thanks

Prevor Drake
...I agree.... ...Good dark shot!!! the question is... "what the girl was thinking about?"

Richard Emslie
Ha, a mirror, even better. Memories, and reflecting on them. These things are what make us. And influence our path into the "not yet", where new memories lie.

Evgeniy Shaman
depth of memories comments are welcome...

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