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by Peri John

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Gallery: Glamour Photography 2

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Published: Sunday 3rd of October 2004 05:32:09 PM


John Peri
.. to succeed in looking elegant under the shower ..

John Peri
... n'est ce pas !!

Luis Arg├╝elles
A really elegant women. She has a lot of potential as a model.

Chris Damkat
nr. 2 and 3 are ok, but the first one isn't, looks like she's .... and drank quite a lot, well I guess that's not your intention.

John Peri
Lannie, whether they are ethnic, social or religious, the woven fabrics are mostly in our minds.

Marco Giardini
nice picture but there is nothing original in it.

John Peri
Marco, I don't really understand how or why a "glamour" shot should excel in originality, but you are right, there is nothing original about taking a photo of a young lady under the shower. I guess that may be true of many landscape shots too. Lannie, the nudity is never a goal in itself. However, if some of the artificial barriers and hypocrisies that we humans develop among us were removed, many of the prejudices and misunderstanding would disappear along with them. As for obesity, well it is becoming a pandemic problem that is no longer limited to Europe and the USA, but is now spreading to South East Asia and as far away as China. Photography is good exercise by the way!

Ronald Palmer
When I saw this I recognized the image and thought...if this person isnt John Peri im gonna be very unhappy with the submitter...Love your work as always John.

Milos Mashed
it is a photo domestic servant, has planes domestic servants, for that reason he is natural, is good

Tore Nilsson
A lovely serie of a great model, great as usual. Best regards Tore

John Peri
Thank you Torre .. she was my wife's hairdresser .. i walked in to collect her, saw the young lady and immediately asked her to pose for me .. : -)

John Peri
Shower I guess it's an art .....

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