"Sunny Leaf"

by Tsoi Wilson

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Published: Sunday 3rd of October 2004 03:50:56 AM


Kim Tural
Great shot and love the focus being on the one leaf. Love the story of the evolution of this photo and how just a few feet away you were close but not quite there.

Jos Van Poederooyen
Beautiful Nice work, great eye and excellent presentation. Hangin' in there....

Robert Marleau
Hi Wilson, I like the story ''behind the photo!'' I think there is a lot of good photos having a similar story, but the difference is the person behind the camera that's where you make the difference! Bravo

Wilson Tsoi
...and then... ...by half time, I was shooting leaves. This is 2 frames before I got the final version. This earlier shot was taken with the sun off about 30 degree to the bottom (this also answers Stephen and Alec's question, it was very sunny.) The final version had the sun right behind the leaf. ^_^

Alec Ee
Lovely, must be a cloudy day to be able to capture it all on EV range.

Eric Labrecque
Nice... Nice, very nice picture ! 7/7

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Yes - works for me! I was actually expecting an image of some soccer players ... but this one is just fine, too! :-) Great use of backlighting without the resulting annoying shadows.

Linda Keagle
Hi Wilson DOF looks perfect to me...why do people feel everything needs to be in focus? I love the halo light....

Angela Su
Beautiful autumn sensation !

Regina Chayer
Agreeing with Linda's comment above. This is as near perfect as I have seen. I Love Fall!

Andrea Endisch
This season will get fun with your pictures! Just perfect like it is.

Guido Fulgenzi
Nice composition!

kristin morales
I sure wish we had some good fall colors here in Fort worth but none. I really enjoy the colors here as well as the light radiating around the isolated leaf

Gabriella Lucia
Real nice composition on this Wilson.

Erin Albertson
You always have a way of perfect execution. Kudos. 7/7

Ignacio Carrera
Really, really nice!

Stephen Forsyth
7/5 Shall I give a rare A7, I think I just might, but I do have a soft spot for this kind of image. An O5, though, that's fair enough. Love the curve of the twig, concentrating on the single leaf, and the tones...mmm... that is an overcast sky, isn't it?, A classic, Canadian, image. Ahem... could never do this in the U.S., definitely not... impossible...

Angel Hernandez
Simplicity is a beauty sometimes. Here is a proof. Weldone!

Cristina Fumi
a very beautiful composition Wilson

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks so far for your feedback... Frankly, I just wanted to do one "non-manipulated" to help this fellow out . Darn it, this was from a "digital camera," so I guess it doesn't really count. ^_^ BTW, Stephen, Alec, not a single cloud was in sight, pretty much a full blast, sunny day, (had to hide the sun behind the leaf, almost took my right eye out!) We've been getting an unseasonably beautiful weather this past week and a half or so. Ivo, I intentionally choose f5.6 after checking through DOF-preview because anything smaller than that will make the background leaves all too sharp. Cheers. ^_^

nick kessler
wilson you have a serious problem. im sick of you constantly finding amazing photographs every direction you turn!

Pitman Lee
Very nice catch!

Wim Ipenburg
allways perfect! Wilson, I can only "click" on 7/7

Masimo M.
nice 6/7 !!

Does it make sense to present the same theme taken at the same day when you are already presenting the "rules"? No - so my try will stay in the drawer while admiring your result... RE

Steve Marcus
Very nice composition, Wilson.

Ivo Alexandre Rodrigues
DOF Like it! You used very well the dynamic range of your camera. My suggestion is to use a slightly bigger DOF to get those leafs on the right in focus. Excellent work as usual. Cheers!

David McCracken
Spot on! Again, this is a little different from what I would expect. Having said that, the execution and content is spot on.

Tony Georgiadis
Well done Wilson.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wison Looks like you and Regina Chayer where spying the same leaf! LOL. I love the DOF, color and the composition. It looks like the sun is behind the leaf, but then the sun on the foreground leaves is from behind you. How'd you give the leaf the nice glow? Nice selective effect of the glow.

Daniel Runge
Very nice! Its a really nice photo! The colours and the sharpness of the photo are very impressive! 7/7

Stephen Galea
wonderful color contrast and composition..

Pnina Evental
Very nice composition, beautiful light. Pnina

Kim Slonaker
This is unusual for a Fall leaf shot - I like it! This also offers up possibilities of different crops, too, that would work equally as well. Nice composition!

Ada Ipenburg
Wow! Great shot! Great colours. Wonderful to see the fine structure of the leave and the light which surrounds it. Congratulations Wilson!7/7

Francesco Martini
simple and very nice image!!!!!!!

John Vant Slot
Great capture Just can't say anything more than you got it all right on this one. These past few days in Seattle have been great for fall photos.

Wilson Tsoi
Ladies and gents... ...thanks for your kind feedback. Appreciate them all. ^_^

Chee Hong Peow ( CHiPs )
A Sunny ... composition Wilson ...Beautiful !!

Wilson Tsoi
How It Started... Cristina, Chips, Paul, Nick, Wim, Masimo, Pitman, and Reiner, thanks for your feedback. Paul, just in case you weren't joking around, let me reassure you that it is indeed unmanipulated. I'll give you a pictorial run down. First, I was at my kid's soccer game (Lou Ann, here he is)...

Wilson Tsoi
Next... ...then I saw this tree behind a goal (this was at Lynnwood Sport Complex across the street from Alderwood Mall)...

Umair Ghani
great color, composition & light. so simple & yet so beautiful capture.

Ryan Buck
Great shot! I love this shot, the orange and blue work great together, and the white of the sun makes the background very interesting. Very nicely done.

Howard Dion
Works for me.

Wilson Tsoi
"Sunny Leaf," Fall's Here Yet? No manip, works for you? Taken this morning on a crisp, sunny autumn morning. Would like to hear your feedback, thanks. ^_^

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