To want to fly # 02.

by Amelkovich Igor

to want fly nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Published: Saturday 2nd of October 2004 11:29:39 AM


Darko Kordovan
Ofcourse this is a professional,no doubt!!

Tiago Epifânio
You always amaze me...

John Falkenstine
Jeez, Igor!! do you have a blank check for access to this mine! You are way up in the air!!

Azriel Abramovich
White vs. Black I love the "White and pure" vs the "old black and rusty". I love the idea and I think you have very good composition here. Still, though, contemplating the shadow on her body and the 'toe standing'. Not sure if I like it or not. Last, took me a while to connect the title with the image. Bottom line? I realy like it. I would also like to know how you get the free ticket to the mine(models too ;-))

marco prenninger
yeah, its another beautiful one(photo and model) and the light, and the light is very non standard i would say, but i like it!!! the pose is great too. do u tell your models what to do, like every small gesture, or do u just let them do their thing and u push the shutter?

R Dabral
Brighter part is almost burning timing of shoot is not right.

Jody Frost
I love how her hair cloaks her face, it draws my eye down to her fabulously arched feet! Cool loaction, great composition.

Igor Amelkovich
To want to fly # 02. The deserted mine.

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