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Published: Saturday 2nd of October 2004 08:20:45 AM


Darren Holloway
v. interesting approach - The small white line between her thighs and background spells photoshop, however... You should clone that out using the background

Stephen Galea
Great image John...i like the way you framedd..a diagonal..Awesome.. i posted some new shots.and would be very grateful to see what you think...thx

John Peri
Thaks Darren, but admittedly I don't see which line you mean. Is it in the first image?

Giannis Pappas
Nice work once again.. I really love the first version of the picture. I think that it's one of your best work ever. I see that you adopted the "cropped limbs" and that's also nice. keep up the good work!

Thomas Collins
I like the first version you presented here best. hmm... I wonder if the presentation could be improved by instead of laying the image on a solid black background, place it on a dark slate gray, slightly textured surface. Your artistic approach always makes me think John.

John Peri
Thanks David. It's rare that I do that but, as you can see in no.2 where the model is horizontal to the frame, she looks as if she is about to fall out of the picture, so I tilted the photo, leaving me no alternative but to fill in the remaining frame. Apart from that David ...too many rules .. rules lead to conformity and boredom ..

Landrum Kelly
Definitely one of your best, John, on purely aesthetic grounds, although the entertainment value of the mother-daughter shots is hard to beat.

David McCracken
I'm mean! John, The picture of the girl is very good. I believe in maximising the use of frame. I guess about 50% of this picture is wasted on a black bacground. I definitely feel, letting the model fill this picture would have been a very good idea. I am not so taken with your alternate images of this shot, even though the model fills the frame. The original is best!

Sarah Kane
! John, This is one is truly unique to many of your works; it's very daring and different! Definately caught my eye, the tones and bright contrast are very sharp and bold. The pose works well for the tilted display of the photo... Great job! ~Sarah Kane~

John Peri
Alternatively, it may be of interest as a low key study ...

John Peri
... or as a graphic design ..

John Peri
Thanks Thomas, I'll certainly try that too, but I thought it might be nice to bring out the black hair and other black patterns in this way ... grey could be a little too competitive with the body also?

John Peri
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