"Thirsty?" ( Click larger if very thirsty )

by Tsoi Wilson

thirsty click larger if very seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Saturday 2nd of October 2004 01:10:07 AM


Gabriella Lucia
Clever Wilson, how many of these did you drink before you thought of this?

Tony Georgiadis
Very original Wilson WELL DONE...Ooooooopps catch you lateR AM GONNA CHECK THE FRIDGE FOR A COOL BEER. Regards

Kim Slonaker
Wilson, from what I gather from the portfolio comments on A Fani, you were lucky to rate a 3/3!! I guess some people don't realize you don't have to like all photos, but if you give a negative critique with respect, you will be taken more seriously than if you give a driveby rating that has no value whatsoever.

Wilson Tsoi
Alrighty then.... Okay Joe, for old time sake, here we go....glup, glup, glup.....aahhhh!

David McCracken
Yes I want a drink! When can I collect? Interesting picture. I would not have recognised it as one of yours!

Stephen Forsyth
6/6 Bart picks up the phone,'Hello.' Mo answers,'Hello, Mo's Tavern.' Bart,'Is A. Fani there, I'm looking for A Fani.' Mo,'Wait a minute and I'll see. He guys, is there a A. Fani here? Come on guys, shut up a minute, I'm looking for a fanny... wait a... why you little brat, if I ever get my hands on you I'll shove my fist right down...' Bart,'HA HA HA!', and hangs up. Wilson, that Fani is much ruder to a Brit than an American, makes me giggle. Anyway, to the photo, I'll assume the light is a candle in a jar or something like it anyway, The red and yellow represent the internal warmth of the drink, in direct contrast to the cool condensation on the... oh god, I just suceeded in sucking all the fun and joy out of the alcohol with that pretensious, symbolic representation, didn't I. So I'll just say great abstract, somewhat lost on a T-totaller like myself, I'll fill the glass with Iron Bru, instead( now that's a drink for real men). And one more thing, IGNORE LOW RATERS! They need your feedback, its the only way they know they're getting to you... be cool, like the condensation on the glass...

Wilson Tsoi
I'll buy everyone a round...^_^ Thanks everyone for your feedback. Ken, and Ada, I guess this really belongs in "Abstract." Ken, nevermind man, here's a drink...glup, glup, glup. Ada, the front of course is an almost empty mug of Heineken, behind it is a votive candle lantern, and the very behind is a bottle of corn pepper. Here' a drink for you, ....glup, glup, glup. Now, don't sleep in too late because you have to take Flore out to take some picture on a Sunday morning. ^_^ Oh Wim, here's one for you too,...glup, glup, glup. While I'm at it, let me pour one for Pedro, Francesco, Tony, and Chee. Drink up guys,...glup, glup, glup...ahhhh... Peter, yeah, I emptied it that much before starting to shoot. Here's one for you,...glup, glup, glup. MacCracky, I'm going to have to pour you one in HKG. Gonna be around this month? What the heck, here's one for you,....glup, glup, glup...^_^ Okay, since it's Saturday night, Reiner, Stephen, Kim, Lou Ann, Howard, Hector, Jayme, Thomas, drink up, "Cheers!" ^_^

Alec Ee
Sorry to join in late. Any more rounds left? Lovely crisp image Wilson. Might be blurred after a few more rounds. (",)

Thomas Collins
ah..... .. that was delicious! Great abstract on a familiar theme. This must be the view one sees after passing out and then reviving. :-)

Ray Wei
Quenching, very quenching. Someone who brings a camera to a bar must be a prolific photographer. :D

Wilson Tsoi
Okay...heeeerrreee'ssss one for Alec, and heeee rree's sss one for Ray. Glup, glup, glup....aaaahhhh.... BTW, with an A80, it was a matter of whipping it out from a belt holster. Easily concealed, and highly flexible. (Canon PR dept., you may Paypal the endorsement fee directly to my account. ^_^)

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Thanks Wilson Mellowing out on a Friday nite, listening to Ken's Jazzy Base player! Then a brew from Wilson. Nice. Love the color and the light! Knew what it was right off, no confusion here! LOL

Hector Brandan
Nice picture, good work, congratulations...

Kim Slonaker
You sure can't tell what this is from the thumbnail. Nice lighting and colors. The composition itself is a little busy in the background to me.

A fine introduction for the time days become shorter... RE

Wilson Tsoi
...Still tasty...ahhhhhh... ...thanks everyone so far for your feedback. Nah, I'm cool, but just wanted to "hear it from the source" whenever I can. Notice no blowing up? (after all, I'm also the one believing in comments.) However I also wanted A. Fani to realize that leaving comments for others after a low rate is customary here in the community. Okay folks, finish up your Heinny. ^_^

Howard Dion
Unusual shot. Well done. I like the colors and light. Think about cropping some off the left, just a bit.

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Tastes great! Wonderful abstract, Wilson!

Francesco Martini
very original!!!!!!!!!!

Ken Beilman
Wils Took me a few moments to figure this one out. Maybe I'm just a little slow. Love the color, texture, and lighting of this one. Background does seem a little busy but not that much. This is very creative and up to your high standards. I guess most successful photogs on this site have to endure the photographic vandals to some extent. Wish something could be done about it.

Wilson Tsoi
Reality Can Play Tricks Sometimes... Paul, isn't it funny that this is unmanipulated? Reality plays tricks on us sometimes, like when I went to Seattle Center , the Louvre , Notre Dame , or just at an amusement park . Until you figure this image out, I'm afraid I can't pour you a cold one yet. ^_^

Chee Hong Peow ( CHiPs )
Nice shot ,Wilson! ..... Cheers..

Wilson Tsoi
I got "A. FANI-ed"...? A. Fani, I guess I didn't get your, "damet garm dadash," but since you left a 3/3, "below average," (graciously received, no problem,) perhaps you can help me out and let me know what exactly I can do better to at least reach average. Your portfolio speaks volume, so I'd love to hear (quite a following, I see.) Thanks in advance for your getting back.

Joe Orsak
Another round on Wilson! VERY cool shot... pun intended. hehe. OK. Count me in.

Ada Ipenburg
Certainly a nice shot but... It is a nice shot.I mean the colours are nice.But I can't put my finger on the subject, but maybe that is also not important. Drank is drunk, I think. So what does it matter what the subject is. It has to do with tirsty so I must be in the right direction Wilson, or not? Perhaps tomorrow after a good night sleep I will be clear enough to recognize what it's all about that red overthere. Is it a bottle or a paprika? Please, explane it to me. sixs/hiks. Ppffffff, havey stuff I think. Here the sun is coming up in a couple of ours. I really have to go upstairs, Wilson. Tomorrow I have a birthdayparty ofcourse there they have the same stuff as you showed hereand I have to drive, 120 kilometers to my brother I think you know him. Wim Ipenburg, he makes beautiful portraits of his Mona Lisa. I think I really have to stop now. I give you 6/6 for this enigmatically but great shot. Cheers! Ada.

Wilson Tsoi
"Thirsty?" This one on me. Thirsty? Available light with a Hienny. Abstract? Still Life? Macro? Who cares? Want a drink? ^_^

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