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Published: Friday 1st of October 2004 09:39:57 PM


Darko Kordovan
Extraordinary John,my opinion 7/7

Frunze Verdi
+ + + Hi,John. I can't hold it any more. Must tell you. I adore your photo stile . Thanks for your significant contribution to PN photo bank

John Peri
I have been pointing out recently that many of the masters like Newton and Demarchelier cut the hands and feet off. There are no "rules", but I certainly appreciate it if that is your preference. As for filters, unfortunately I know nothing about filters and macro work I am afraid. Maybe someone else can answer in the forum section of PN.

Ruslan Lavrentyev
i am really convienced that you should not have cut off their hands. faces are crisp and nice! take a look at my julia. i have bought Nikon F90 and please tell me if i can use AF with macro filters or not.

Ruslan Lavrentyev
I have seen your portfolios. You are the great photographer, better than most pros., I know. I am amazed by your style(glamour!) and the photos took my breath away ... I wish I was tought by such a master...

Ilya S.
77 Beautiful Girls!

Baldur Birgis
Your portraits are unique

Francesco Martini

Umair Ghani
fantastic pic john & a very different 1 from ur usual style. posture, placement, light, tones...everything is so perfect here. gentle placing of hand on arm draws attention. backgroud selection is remarkable...though quite visible but never distracting.

anne knes
Beautiful John !!!!!!!!!

Cristina Fumi
this one is very very nice! I bet the girls love it too!

John Peri
Thanks Cristina .. I guess they liked it! People have suprisingly few portraits of themselves.

manos xilouris
Excellent shot

John Peri
Portrait of a mother and daughter ... ... in a more serene mood ... !

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