"Picnic Point Beach" (III)

by Tsoi Wilson

picnic point beach iii seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Category: Landscape

Published: Friday 1st of October 2004 02:24:11 AM


Stephen Forsyth
5/5 mmm... honestly, not as keen on this one. Been looking at it a while, but it's not growing on me. The dark foreground isn't as much of a problem when you view it on large, I'll say that much. I don't so much mind the dark land, but I want more detail on the nearest part of the water. I think my eye is looking for the reflected curve of the treeline down the righthand side to match the curve of the land on the left. I seem to be outnumbered though. Oh well.

Stephen Galea

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
This is a gorgeous night image, Wilson, but I must say that the colors in some of the others are more spectacular (and I'll have to admit that I'm a sucker for over-saturated colors).

Chee Hong Peow ( CHiPs )
Wilson , Beautiful lighting .... Impressive.

Gabriella Lucia
Nice soft tones and mood set here.

Joseph Fambro
Superb! Reflection is nice, yet not overbearing. Athough parts of the picture are really dark, it works! Impressive.

Hector Brandan
Nice picture, good work, congratulations...7/7

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson I swear to God I'm going to buy an A80. Will you promise me my images will look like this! LOL. Beautiful color and composition. The silhouette of the leafless tree and the wispy cloud are a wonderful focal point. Are those little tiny people on the bank? The reflection is gorgeously smooth. My only nit pick is that little tiny black speck. What is it? Leave it to me to notice this! LOL

Francesco Martini
excellent and suggestive!!!!

Howard Dion
Twilight man does it again. Wilson, these night shots are very beautiful. This particular image goes beyond expectation! Compsotiion, color, detail, everything joins to earn you recognition. Congrats, well done...again.

Ken Beilman
Wilson It amazes me how you keep coming up with such great sunset shots. Sunset Tsoi does not disappoint! Tremendous colors, composition, and mood.

Kim Slonaker
Nice lighting, Wilson. I'm like Jayme - that speck stands out to me (of course she pointed it out first, though!). I especially like that lighting along the bank on the right. Gives some real balance to this composition that would be missing if it was dark.

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all for your feedback... Appreciate all your comments, really. Frankly speaking, this image is dedicated to folks who love low-contrast, low-saturation (think low contrast wedding film in opposed to Velvia) for landscape (beats me.) Recent sentiment for the mellow, subdued colors, and minimal manipulation that I've heard, leads me to this. So please do keep in mind as I answer some questions. Jayme, the little speck that you've pointed out is original; it's a cruddy, floating who-knows-what with its reciprocating reflection harmoniously together. Those verticals are rotted remnant of yesteryear's pier. (hope I didn't gross you out toom much.) Stephen, the invisible line that you mentioned your eyes want to follow at the lower right was where a huge log at (the log that I used to prop the camera up,) before I removed it and put the tree reflection and more water there. Your instinct serves you right. ^_^ With this image, I guess I'm trying to get a reaction from a lower saturation, lower contrast look of a landscape. Anyone drawing a conclusion? ^_^

Alec Ee
Looks very clean Wilson. Did you try printing it out? Good enough to hang on the wall. Looks like it's shot with a DSLR. Kudos to you!

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks Kyle, Alec, and Tony... ...thanks for your feedback. Alec, I don't know about others, but ironically for me, I hardly have any paintings, drawings, or photographs hung in my house. May be it's because I can't decide what to put up, or folks like you and me (and most in PN) are just too occupied with making images? You tell me. ^_^

Stephen Forsyth
Eric Fredine was just mentioning subdued vs. saturated on his rather marvelous Rocks on the Shore pic. I quite like subdued, although you wouldn't know it to look at my pictures. At the risk of sounding harsh and reactionary, as a certain Simpsons newsreader might say, I put the blame firmly on Velvia, for ruining our eyesight and desensetising us, like watching to many horror movies and not caring about the gore anymore. The Vivid setting has been switched on for so long on my A80, I'm not sure it would work without it, might actually develop a phobia if I try to turn it off. But Blair Witch Project showed what could be done without gore, we need pictures that show us what can be done with normal colours. And, as Blair Witch was equally hated and loved, so will those pictures...

Wilson Tsoi
Blockbusters Poll Yesterday.. Stephen, I always feel thankful for your frank insight. Ironically, Blockbusters (largest US video rental outfit) came out with a poll of scarriest movies of all time, and you know what, #1 is "The Exorcist," and #2 is "Blair Witch Project." Totally different approach, yet both are successful in what they try to do. BTW, "Nightmare on Elm Street" was #3. As for the A80, I agree with you. It's now stuck on the vivid mode almost all the time. ^_^

Tony Georgiadis
Wilson great mood you catched there.

Wilson Tsoi
"Picnic Point Beach" Would appreciate your feedback. Thanks.

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