Classical nakedness # 10.

by Amelkovich Igor

classical nakedness nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Thursday 30th of September 2004 08:03:42 AM


Darko Kordovan
You always deserve 7/7,because you are professional,...

Cristina Fumi
great photo!

Jim Swenson
Another great shot

Evgeniy Shaman
before sky fall!

Elena & Vitaly Vasilieva
Beautiful work.!!!

Kot Begemot
Krasivo. South Ural is magition.

David McCracken
It is pleasant indeed! She looks a little cold but photographically this very pleasant indeed!

Igor Laptev

There is nothing to tell about photo it is good. Did anybody think the rock looks like a shape of heart? For me; this made photo more interesting.

George Henson
Kind of reminds me of Prometheus!

very nice,,,reminds me of edward weston..

rob malkin
i like the Christ implication, good photo, well very good infact

Laurence Gustav Wahlberg

Tristan Laing
epic, anyone?

Giancarlo Lee ROSELLI
Perfect composition, perfect exposure...

Harish Gupta
one of my favorites I think I have been looking for something like this for a long time. Beautiful, not only in the pose, the technicalities, but also in the surroundings, and the feelings reflected. This picture depicts so much - the wait of the woman for her lover to come, her streched arms symbolizing her ability to embrace whatever surrounds her, her anticipation of his embrace. The legs a bit bent, is she trying to resist something, or is it the feeling of him. Her face sideways, as if she is excited, as if she enjoys the feel, or maybe she is waiting for him to come in real to her. This picture speaks so much, I am lost for words, but I know explaining this pic and the emotions attached through words is not an easy task.

Igor Amelkovich
Classical nakedness # 10. Stone, girl... Simply... But it is pleasant.

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