" Ile de la Cite'"

by Tsoi Wilson

ile de la cite paris seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Wednesday 29th of September 2004 07:36:22 PM


Kim Slonaker
I like the sepia effect in this one a lot. The blurry people are interesting, too - almost like they are ghosts with umbrellas.

Howard Dion
Bravo, blurry people with umbrellas. LOL Very creative. Regards, Howard

Chee Hong Peow ( CHiPs )
Beautiful Wonderful image ,great detail ..

Doug Hawks
Wilson, you know my opinion...black & white is the perfect medium for this photograph. Don't even show me the color (although, knowing your work it is probably great). Moody, mysterious, well composed, interesting angles...all and all very well done.

Nour Eddine El Ghoumari
A very nice image with clever use of the slow shutter speed.{unless it was done in Photoshop}.Thank you for sharing it with us. Merci

eric t.
Very nicely done...I love the movement. It adds a certain amount of energy to what could have otherwise been a bland photo.

Lidia Marcelli
7/7 Great composition, great idea and a great shot!

Nedim Muhic
This is a beautiful image. The light and the composition are perfect...

Dana Goad
Very nice 6/6

Ken Beilman
Wilson Very creative and different. Also, as usual, nicely exectuted. I would imagine you got this low lying shot with your flip screen on the A80. Doubt if you were lying in the water!

Linda Keagle
Wilson.... I concur with Wernher's 7/7....just Wow!

Tony Georgiadis
Very original and the low viewpoint makes it stand out. Well done Wilson.

Wernher S
Wilson 7/7. That's all I have to say. :)

Francesco Martini
very original shot of rain day!!!!

Marina Cano
Fantastic Wilson, really fantastic. Perfect Colors.

Paulo Rodrigues
Excellent, I love the motion blur on the figures. The only bit I am unsure about is the symetry. The reflection isnt quite symetrical as the top of the nearest reflected figure is cropped. I would be inclined to crop away more of the water and make it asymetrical

Allon Kira
Wonderful, Wilson! excellent long exposure comp. that creates a very moody shot. Rgds, allon.

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
7/7 I guess I shouldn't 7/7 this if I have any reservations, but I just LOVE it!! (The only reservation is that you cropped the bottom of the reflection of the person on the right.) Otherwise, it's an amazing image!! Wonderful!! The tones are perfect, the sky adds to the right mood, the detail in the buildings is wonderful, and the figures give make the mood perfect!!

Stephen Forsyth
6/6 Very moody indeed. Pity you didn't catch the whole of the umbrella reflection( although it looks pretty close). I actually like the position of the people, but something tells me I shouldn't. I've been trying to figure out why. Let's see... Three sets of buildings, at first glance the least important ones appear to be the small homes in the middle, but these provide a useful space between the Catherdral and the apartments( or whatever they are). Even though the nearest person is obstructing the apartments, the sense of space is retained. When I first saw the photo, first thought was, one person instead of two, most logical place to position them would be infront of the small homes, so as not to interfere with the more important buildings, but this of course destroys that gap. I think that's what's confusing me. In the end, I like it this way, but it would have been interesting to compare with a one person shot, just to see. The two alternate diamond shapes here are interesting as well, the left one created by the cathedral and its reflection, and the one on the right, from the diagonal line created between the people and the decreasing size of the apartments towards the right frame.

Sigfrid Lopez
Excellent capture. The motion feeling is perfectly matching the imposing classical background of Notre-Dame. As the only possible lowlight, a pity that the reflection of the man in the foreground has been cut. Regards, Sig.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson Beautiful B&W. Enquiring minds want to know where the heck you were sitting, in the water? The perspective is so low, you had to be sitting or lying on the ground, it makes the people look very big! The detail in the backround is phenominal. Nice work of art!

Jeremy Smith
Grimy Paris Interesting--I like this, but I have to agree that the further-away-person seems kind of awkward--can't quite tell if he/she is walking or staring forlornly into the river. Also, I think I might like this rather in true black and white, because this desaturated (or sepia-toned, can't quite tell) version makes the puddle in front of the camera look especially muddy and does not offer the most flattering reflection, least of all that of Notre Dame. On the other hand, I can't say I've seen another picture of this cathedral reflected in a brownish puddle, so points for that, of course. Nice photo. Really a 2 second exposure?

Ray Wei
I like the sense of time it presents here. Well done.

Roberto Carli
Very creative,congrats!!!

Impressively three-dimensional! RE

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks everyone... Thanks everyone for your feedback. The answers to your questions are that other than desaturation, sepia, and removal of some branches at the left, the whole thing is a real deal. It was about 7am, quite dark and very rainy. The river Seine is between the bridge at right and the bank where these 2 pedestrians were walking. The camera was set up just touching the water puddle with its front propped up by two Euro coins. I framed the scene first, and waited for people to cruise by. Fired a bunch of frames whenever people passed by while the rain was coming down pretty good. The missing person's reflection at bottom right just happens to be the fact that the lens is 35mm in focal length and that's all it can capture. Had a wide angle adapter, or a wide lens been available, the reflection would be included, but the trade off will be the background and its reflection rendered even smaller. BTW, it was approx. 1/2 sec. rather than 2, my fault (still can't get exif info from pix on desktop.) I'll post another version with single pedestrian soon. Thanks. ^_^

David Vorland
I love your work ... wonderful portfolio. Where exactly were you standing? I've been to Paris many times, but somehow I can't place the exact spot. The reflections don't quite seem natural to my eye, given the distance from the buildings.

David Maisant
Another great one Wilson. Maybe completely desaturated to true b& w could be even better. 7-7

Wilson Tsoi
Roberto and David, ...thank you for your feedback. Appreciate it. ^_^

Erik Adams
Always a pleasure to view your work, Wilson. Many interesting shots lately with reflections, this one being one of my favorites. Best regards.

Marco Giardini
great shot .oesse.

Eduardo Agustin Carrasco
beatiful shot, wonderful compotition, well done

Wilson Tsoi
" Ile de la Cite' " Would it be better in color? So many folks like that monochromic, b&w or sepia look, so this is my contribution. Would anyone care to see this in color? Can't accuse me of over-doing it this time. ^_^

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