"Tower of Love"

by Tsoi Wilson

tower of love seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Wednesday 29th of September 2004 12:42:54 AM


Linda Keagle
They kissed, and the lights came up...fountain started spewing...second best to fireworks. Let me keep my fantasy, Wilson. I don't want to know it already existed before The Kiss.....;-) Next scene the tower takes off like a rocket ship...LOL

Stephen Forsyth
6/6 Symbolism? Where? My innocent mind doesn't understand any of this talk. Explain. In detail, please, he he... oh, by the way, another vote for the blur on the head, a sign of movement verses the (almost) frozen fountain. A subtle point that hasn't been made yet- notice how the man is more blurred than the woman. Octopus hands, methinks, yes... lets have a woman's point of view on that...

Ken Beilman
Wils Overall impression is very nice. Lovely lighting and colors. My critical thoughts are initially: love the lights that shine through the fountain. But the subject is very centered. However, that's okay because of the symmetry of the fountain. But what about the couple being centered? Probably would like them just a little off center to add more interest. Then there's the top of the right most figure's head. Think it would look better if you cloned the top to be black. Then there's the sky - lovely shade of blue/purple. Overall post critical impression: I like it! 6/6 Hope you find my ramblings useful.

Ray Wei
Very nice. Would be better if the man had no hat. Well, we take what we see. Right? Congrats.

Wilson Tsoi
Chips, Jayme, Christina... ..thanks for your feedback. Jayme, yes indeed, "symbolism" is at play here. I believe that you're the only one so far that had decoded, "Willy Code" (think Dan Brown's "Da Vinci Code" meet Hugh Hefner on Viagra.) Let see if anybody else gets this. ^_^

Cristina Fumi
amazingly romantic: very well done!

Guido Fulgenzi
Nice capture!

Howard Dion
6/6 by me Wilson, another great night shot. The couple looks a bit over sharpened. Although, it could be light effects. Thought, I would ocnfirm this. You do use a tripod at night? If this was hand held, well then, you should be a doing surgery for a living.

Jim McConnell

Chee Hong Peow ( CHiPs )
Great night shot, Wilson... Lovely ..

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson Now for the woman's point of view. LOL. The fountain lights are wonderful, I especially like the color and it's transparency. The little white lights almost look like they are floating, this gives it a magical feel. The pattern in the railing adds interest to the silhouettes. I too like the man's head blur, implies his actions to me. I also like the tiny little light peaking through between them. Magical again. The sky is a perfect complimentery color to the fountain which makes it very pleasing to the eye. The central placement is pleasing in this case because everything , even the tress are symetrical. I think I'll stop there before I get into the symbolism of the fountain shape, I may get myself in trouble, LOL. But over all I find this extrodinarily well thought out and composed. I can't think of a single suggestion for improvement. Unless you added a moon of course to off set the symetry. Very cool and romantic.

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
A romance magazine, Howard? Is there such a thing? ;-)

Wilson ... This is nice ... but I guess that I'm not such the eternal romantic. The colors are great, the sky is great, the emotion is certainly there ... but it's really very *centered*. Any other crop options?

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you so far... ...for your valuable feedback and play-by-play analysis. BTW, he wasn't wearing a hat, it was a long exposure and he was tilting over his head to smooch his girlfriend (his wife, or mistress, who knows?) so there was that blur (thought it was cool to suggest the "action.") Ray, I do feel however that he should be wearing a sort of "hat" (some would call it an umbrella) later than evening. ^_^

Andrea Endisch
oh yes, very beautiful! The couple being centered is perfect I think, like that they are engulfed by this lighted fountain, so "water becomes fire"

Wilson Tsoi
Stephen, Andrea, Kevin... Thanks for your comments. Appreciate them much. Stephen, I guess you're the second winner in this, "Erect a Tower" game. Andrea, nice insight. Kevin, always appreciate your feedback. Let me post the one-frame-before down here as people understand why his head is blurred that way...^_^

Howard Dion
Better yet! Belongs on the cover of a romance magazine.

Kevin Bickerdike
Very nice shot...I think it is right to be centred as it is...just the top of the right hand figures head is a problem...

Francesco Martini
very good and romantic image!!!!!!

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you ladies and gents for your feedback. I also would like to know if there really is a romantic magazine, Howard. ^_^ Lou Ann, I have other compositions of this fountain, but only the centered varieties with these 2 getting it on. Thanks.

Wilson Tsoi
"Tower of Love." Love birds in front of a fountain, thoughts? Don't know who they are (neither do they know I was there,) just madly in love, I guess. "Who needs an Eifel Tower when we got passion," said the man (probably) before he laid his lips upon hers. I wonder what you can make out from the fountain and the tower...^_^

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