Nuance #46

by Sousa Dias Nana

nuance sousa dias nana

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Published: Tuesday 28th of September 2004 08:14:19 AM


David McCracken
Is there a need to comment? Simply wonderful!

Gary Rowlands - Manchester, UK
Quality imagery ... Whilst I admire your landscape work even more than your portraits, these latest images are superb. Like a master, you are controlling the whole, almost-empty, frame with your positioning of the main subject and accurate exposure. Much appreciated and thank-you for entertaining us so frequently with your continuous output.

Elena & Vitaly Vasilieva
wow!!!!! Good a photo.!!!!77

Harish Gupta
a poetry really a poetry, these types of pics remind me of the wait. The wait which is so essntial to so many of us...waiting for something special. Keep up the good work Peace, Harish

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