"Railroad Bridge"

by Tsoi Wilson

railroad bridge woodinville seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Monday 27th of September 2004 11:14:43 PM


Ken Beilman
Hey Wilson Very nice. It's another one of your thought provoking reflection shots that is nicely composed and well executed.

Dennis Jones
Wilson, like your colors and composition.

Ignacio Carrera
Good color, great contrast. Very nice!

Kim Slonaker
It's a little hard to figure out at first, but very nice color and contrast. I like unusual images where you have to study them for a bit.

Howard Dion
Another really sharp upside down Wilson image that stops people in their tracks. You get extra points for the sharpness of the rocks.

Francesco Martini
excellent reflection!!!!!

Stephen Forsyth
5/6 Had to think about this one. I've settled on 5/6. Its quite an original reflection, hence the 6. I settled on the 5A because I think there's just one element too many in an already quite busy composition. The extra that's bothering me is the diagonal line of vegetation( or shallow rocks, not sure which) that crosses the bridge reflection in the middle of the photo. Now, this does create a rather nice triangle to frame the rocks, but with all the activity on the the top half, the impact of this is reduced. I've uploaded a crop, to show off the triangle, rather than as an alternative composition. Without the extra line, I would have gone with a 6/6, as the photo does gel together rather well the longer you look at it. Others feel free to disagree with me about that nasty diagonal. Debate!

What lovely, special spot you tracked down again! RE

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all.... ...for your feedback, really appreciate it. Stephen, your crop works too, thanks. I in fact tried that crop as well, along with a few other alternatives, but settled on this to balance all elements, keep the sky & clouds colors, and background for depth. FWIW, original capture has more rocks at bottom and was 4:3 ratio. ^_^

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson Wonderful color, wonderful diagonal composition and all with the A80. You should be Canon's poster child. Very nice!

Tony Georgiadis
Good shot Wilson.

Ada Ipenburg
Great colours and reflection. Most beautiful for me are the stones which stay visable and changes from colour so nice while they disappears under the watersuface. And those clear waterbubbles in the little stream....lovely, Wilson! 7/7

Wim Ipenburg
Very nice subject! I think a crop at the top would be better. Beautiful colours and sharpness! 6/6

David McCracken
One of your best! Can this be better than T/T?

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
These reflections are great, Wils! I find Stephen's version with triangles interesting ... but your original crop is definitely my favorite. The colors from the reflected sky are wonderful!! Congrats!!

Guido Fulgenzi
nice composition.6/6

Gerry Bridge

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks, Lou Ann. Indeed, I'm sure one can slice this puppy up into many different compositions that still work. Stephen's version emphasize the bridge more, IMHO.

Blaz Ivancic
Great work wow. this really is a breathtaking contrast and the span of colours. i love the sharpness of the rocks out of water.

Wilson Tsoi
"Railroad Bridge," a reflection from underneath. Don't know what to categorize it. Anyway, would appreciate your feedback. Thanks. ^_^

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