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Published: Monday 27th of September 2004 12:15:27 PM


David McCracken
Is she.....? Is she playing leap-frog? If so, where is her friend? Classic stuff Igor!

Giuseppe Sarcinella
Illiminazione ottima, forse un po' scontata e con un taglio da migliorare... bella da vedere sopratutto per la modella. Buona foto

Tristan Laing
I love the skin tones you get in your work. And it all has that "sharp" look. I suppose that's from the larger format.

Darko Kordovan
Professinal as always!!

Evgeniy Shaman
like it!

TC Reed
Oddly, I love the boots and the hair.

Brent Arthur
Is she waiting for an ant to crawl accross the floor?

Great tones.

Milos Mashed
acute way to cover a very good artistic degree

love the skin,,:)

Kevin Secord
The glare off of the toe of her shoe is mildly distracting.

rob malkin
I wish you would stop reminding me that I will never have a girl that looks this hot :-)

Igor Amelkovich
Waiting_for... Well, such pose is possible too ...

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