To want to fly # 01.

by Amelkovich Igor

to want fly nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Published: Friday 24th of September 2004 12:47:18 PM


Greg Goldstein
I picked this image out of a lineup.... great shot! How did you make the model look so high key compared to the rest of the shot? Did you light her or is she just that light compared to the background? Printing technique??? Just looked... saw you used a red filter... that explains it! I should try that!

John Peri

Igor Amelkovich
Yes, red filter make it.

Joe Reilly
Igor stricks again! 7/7 Excellent work. Keep them comming, Regards, Joe

David McCracken
Glad I recognised this! When I saw this I thought, "This is very Igor." The only thing that threw me, was the model appears a little white. Very good though!

Evgeniy Shaman

Marc G.
I agree with David: model a tad white perhaps, but very "you" indeed, and what a beautiful place and a beautiful slant of the camera... Hope to see a less contrasted version. Wonderful otherwise. regards.

Igor Amelkovich
To want to fly # 01. The deserted mine.

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