Hardly early

by Kozhevnikov Eugeny

hardly early ef moscow seeking critique kozhevnikov eugeny

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Published: Friday 24th of September 2004 10:35:26 AM


Meiko Janke
take a look at my portfolio and tell me what u think, please...... meiko

Meiko Janke
I realy like your work, there is sense and art.... krasnaya rabota!!!!!!!!!!!

Daniel Runge
Wow! So much life! Very good!

Eugeny Kozhevnikov

Kevin Phillips
beautiful such a vivid picture. I really appreciate this. if you don't mind telling me a tad about your technique used I would very much enjoy it.

Erlend Mørk
Very very very inspiring! It is almost perfect, the only flaw must be the cropping of the man's back/shoulder.. Could be fixed though..

Evgeniy Shaman
love this card!

Marc G.
This is superb again... I love the earthly tones, but the beauty of this image is first and foremost in the pose of the 2 models. The hands and her face tell a really wonderful tale. Congrats.

Emre Safak
The addition of veins is a great touch. Nice tonality and palette.

Attila -h
Original, artistic and beautiful...

Bob Sandford
Beside the mice composition, nice choice of colorization, texture, and soft focus. This is inspiring. I think I agree with the comment on cropping his shoulder out though.

Paul Vasarab
Well Done!!!!! This is a wonderful composition of love and warmth. I dont believe the shoulder is a problem. IMHO I believe that it contributes to the feeling of intimacey. This is one of my favorites!!!!

Arnab Pratim Das
Dreamlike ..

Les Berkley
Very beautiful and touching. The tattoo is a bit distracting, but the pose is tender and perfect.

Dave Gardner
7/7 This photo is beautiful....how is this effect achieved? Do you use 'Painter'? Dave

Sarah Tehranian
:O i can`t beleive! its been a year that i have this photo as a wallpaper of my mobile! and now i found the photographer!! small world, isnt it?

Eugeny Kozhevnikov
Critique Request CRitiquem vse! :)

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