"A Dutch Countryside"

by Tsoi Wilson

a dutch countryside seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Friday 24th of September 2004 05:06:27 AM


Alec Ee
Aesthetically very,very pleasing to the eye. A dream post card from the Netherlands. You move as one with the camera, Wilson.

R Jackson
I like both versions, maybe a slight preference for the sharp one. Very well composed, beautiful shot, worthy of a cover!

C J Rupp
Wilson, I really like the composition, it's wonderfully done. I think I like the sharp version slightly better.

Allon Kira
Excellent comp. of a beautiful landscape! this image is wonderful, Wilson!! Cheers, allon. (7/7)

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson This is absolutely wonderful. I love the soft blur and the composition and color wonderful. No suggestions for any improvement from me!

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
7/7 This is exceptional, Wilson!! The perspective, the DOF, the detail, the water, the "huts", absolutely EVERYTHING!! Bravo!!

Tony Georgiadis
Well done Wilson.

Francesco Martini
i love this image!!!!!!!!

Koos Net
7/6 Great work Wilson. It reminds me, I live in a beautiful country. Very nice image, well done.

Ada Ipenburg
Wonderful!!! What a nice shot, Wilson. A Dutchman/woman couldn't do better! Those coulours, lights, it's all so very, very beautiful. 7/7+++

JF Ochoa
Beautiful composition, great colors and nice blur. I love it. Very well done! Congrats.

Vincent K. Tylor
While I like the softer colors here as well as the array of lillypads throughout the water, I personally feel this is not balanced effectively enough. The windmill and the flowers both being on the right side is perhaps the main reason in my mind. The upper right of the stream is also just too soft here...looks a bit muddled. The soft focus does have some merit in this situation, but I still believe a tack sharp version would be the superior image. You've had some great success hand holding in the past Wilson. Do you have a tack sharp version here as well? Over-all I think this has all of the ingredients to be something special, just not quite there yet in my book. Aloha Braddah Wil! 5/6

Wim Ipenburg
7/7 You show me why I love Holland!!! This is F A N T A S T I C Thanks!!!!!

Ken Beilman
Wils, I personally like the softer version better and that's coming from someone who tends to oversharpen!

Stephen Forsyth
6/6 Nope, you've silenced me, nothing to suggest. I hate when you do that.

ilkka räisänen
Yes, this is Classic Tsoi!

Jos Van Poederooyen
It's a busy photo of a very serene setting. I like the sharper version myself.

Gaetan Chevalier
7/7 What a beautiful shot! The perspective is superb. Congratulation for an excellent work.

David McCracken
CT and TT Classic Tsoi and True Tsoi! A very pleasing image.

Erik Adams
The best of your windmill series, IMO, Wilson. I like the softer version, as it has more of a watercolor quality to it. I sat there looking at that image, wondering how you do it. Outstanding work.

Kim Slonaker
I like the original posting - not the sharper one. It is more artistic and aesthetically pleasing, imo. Nice work, Wilson.

Ilya S.
7 7 So Colourful and so peaceful, like dream!

Ray Wei
Another 7/7 by me, Wilson. BTW, a few of your photos showed up in a blog site, so did my Madam Butterfly; all authors are properly credited, though. Check it out. http://www.xanga.com/home.aspx?user=pirogoeth

Joe Orsak
From the grave... I had to comment wilson. I pop in on occasion just to look at Top rated photos. I have not commented or done anything because of my "ban". Seeing, however, that these fellows still display my work against my wishes, I thought I might slip in a comment on a TRP of a friend. Great job! The soft look is quite nice. I woul dlike to see it in the sharp rendition, but my instincts tell me that I'd prefer it this way. Well done!

Gerry Bridge
Great depth, Wilson. Beautiful composition 7/7

Cristina Fumi
stunning photo! 7/7

Linda Keagle
Wilson A truly outstanding image....beautifully composed. 7/7

Aaron Falkenberg

Igor Laptev
Just beautiful!

Baldur Birgis

Umair Ghani
soft focus in PS added a delicate dramatic tone 2 the entire pic. its perfect. great shot indeed!

Andrea Endisch
one more comment: (wanted to join in, too) perfectly romantic, the composition has no flaws, the scenery is in itself so beautiful that I think you don't need the softening

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all... Thank you ladies and gents for your feedback. Appreciate them all. It is very interesting how a few folks like the "soft-focus" version, a handful prefers the "sharp," and a few would go either way. Nothing conclusive. BTW, extra thanks to the Dutch locals that chimed in as it makes me feel that I've done your lovely country some justice. ^_^

Brad Kim
A fantasy..... Beautiful job...!!!

Grace W.
Byond words! 7/7

Derek Prinsloo
my two cents... I've never been a big fan of the soft look. To me it feels like the lens needs to be cleaned off. In a scene like this I prefer the sharper version. You've achieved a wonderful DOF, might as well show it off. And, as always, love the colors and composition.

Robert Marleau
so much have been said about this photo... what amaze me the most it your sense of aesthetics, your own special way of seeing things! You are an inspiration for me on my journey to make artistic photos

Vincent K. Tylor
Thanks for posting that Wilson. For me, hands down sharper is better. I still think it's a bit right-side heavy or just a bit busy, but really not much can be done there. Many mahalos again.

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you everyone so far for your kind feedback. Am on the way out for couple days, no internet, back to the basic kind of retreat. Why of course, here's the sharp version...^_^

Howard Dion
You need to view thumb nail to appreciate that this is a good composition.

Wilson Tsoi
Andrea and Derek... ...thanks for your comments. Really value them. Again, soft and sharp continues to have supporters. ^_^

Zulfu Aydin
excellent photo...

jeetendra jagwani
soft is not happening.. In my opinion the soft focus doesnt work. The subject matter is anyway a soft concept image. That again in soft focus, I feel it unneccessarily takes away from the real objective,,that of appreciating the real beauty of the moment. The timing, perspective, angle etc all contribute to a soft effect, but the synthetic softness is kind of killing it. I prefer the sharp morning fresh look.

John Ewart
Wonderful photo!

Excellent, very beautifull

Wilson Tsoi
"A Dutch Countryside." Critique? Added a soft-focus look in PS, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Do you prefer a sharp, sharp look, or a soft feel like this one?

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