"Sunset in Kona"

by Tsoi Wilson

sunset in kona seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Category: Landscape

Published: Thursday 23rd of September 2004 12:47:24 AM


Howard Dion
Twilight man strikes again. Nicely done.

Dick Yowell
I like it. Is it too dark? Would a few seconds earlier have been a bit better? But I wouldn't throw this one away! Nice work.

John Falkenstine
Overmanipulated and MUCH too dark.

Kim Slonaker
I'd like just a little more detail on the left side, but this still works for me.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson I love silhouetting, this works for me. The lines of the waves accented by the reflected light is wonderful. Nice job.

Chee Hong Peow ( CHiPs )
Like this ..Nicely done ...

Either I am sitting before the wrong monitor (possible, I know what I am speaking about) - or KIM is right! RE

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all for your feedback... ...appreciate it. John, noted your comment with thanks. I did what I can to salvage this shot that was taken a bit too late. Any suggestion in how to improve this?

John Falkenstine
Sunsets can really burn off film or digital images...I would meter for the foreground AND the sun, and when I can get both, start shooting. Usually the foreqround loses out first. Some folks take 2 images one foreground, one background then combine them, but anybody with some thinking time will soon figure out that the image simply "can't be" In the images in my Mexico folder, I briefly succeed in keeping SOME foreground detail, but its just not easy. I have some images which I might post to show how "chasing" a sunset can have SOME results but unfortunately all of these images were just done for testing and just show a road and a horizon...not very interesting.

Wilson Tsoi
John, Noted your comment with thanks. Glad you elaborated. I understand metering for both sun and shadow, yes, it's tough to get both. This one was for the sun, obviously, not the shadow (salvaging what I can toward end of the show, no luxury for double exposure.) This is a combined exposures (moon instead of sun, but the same idea) and would have been ideal for situation above. I agree that this sunset pix is definitely toward the dark side (so I went for the silhouette.) Concensus is reached. Thank you all.

Ken Beilman
Wils Sunset Tsoi at work again. Love this one's colors and composition. Water, for some reason, bothers me a bit. Maybe needs more detail? Still, very nice one.

Wilson Tsoi
"Sunset in Kona," Thoughts? Would like your feedback on this. Thanks.

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