"Look Left, Look Right..."

by Tsoi Wilson

look left right seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Category: Nature

Published: Thursday 23rd of September 2004 12:21:16 AM


Howard Dion
This is a fun photograph.

Ken Beilman
Wils It's amazing what you get out of the A80, as I've said before. I find the blurred foreground a little distracting. Otherwise, nice one with interesting lighting and good detail of the subject.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson Love the eyes! Makes me think of the guy in "Finding Nemo" LOL. I also don't care for the vignetted blur. Maybe if it was just a tad sharper and the feathering a little larger it would blend better and be less distracting. Just thinking out loud! LOL

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Cute!! :-)

Kim Slonaker
Great lighting and detail. The bit of blur on the right and bottom bothers me a bit, but it's minor.

Stephen Forsyth
5/6 I'm with the others on this, wonderful light on a rarer subject( well, rare for this sight, anyway), but the DOF problems are, eh, a problem. Why are people constantly surprised by what a compact can do? Esp. with macro shots. More money than sense?

Sigfrid Lopez
Excellent light and contrasts in a picture that, surprisingly, is best appreciated as thumbnail than as full version. Beautiful colors you've got here. Regards, Sigfrid.

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all... Thank you ladies and gents for your feedback. Appreciate them. I was trying to mimic a shallow DOF, but I guess it wasn't that convincing. May be I'll just repose the original sharp version for comparison sake. Thanks again, folks. ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
"Look Left, Look Right..." a crab on a beach. This guy popped up whenever the waves subsided, then when I walked up, it ran back into its hole. Had to play dead for a while before I get this. Feedback?

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