For the big fish.

by Amelkovich Igor

for the big fish nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Tags: nude seeking critique

Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Tuesday 21st of September 2004 10:15:18 AM


Guido Fulgenzi
Original composition!

Matt Keefe
i'm hooked!

David McCracken
Where's the bait? Just teasing! Lovely pic. She can catch me anytime!

Dima Oukhov
wow Neug'eli utopitsa!? ))))

csab' józsa
Nice. Would prefer to see some water (lake,river etc), in order to have a better point. And to make the title fit:)

Marc Aubry

Warren Williams
Igor. Finally, I have come to the conclusion that you are a genuis.

Igor Laptev

Aubre Cummings

Jim Hayes
Igor, Sometimes I have no idea where it is that you are trying to go with your photographs. All I know for sure is that where ever it is,,,,,,I want to be there when you get there. Thanks.

Brendan Turner
You have a knack for getting the most beautiful women in all of spectacular...both photo and model

rob malkin
her stance just look a bit too uncomfortable and the hook is a bit too big, but i am nit picking

this is very good,,dramatic sky,,

W. Veena
good as usual...

Igor Amelkovich
For the big fish. In mountains.

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