"Basking Honu"

by Tsoi Wilson

basking honu seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Tuesday 21st of September 2004 01:25:18 AM


Lou Ann Aepelbacher
I LOVE IT!! I love the crop, the color, the expression, the detail, everything about it. Great work!!

Pnina Evental
Wilson, I don't know why his face are looking angry.....you gave him very nice golden colors and a nice surounding. Did you wake him up from his nap?..... Jayme, WOW! you are right, the last line is what counts.... Pnina

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson He looks how I feel about 4pm everyday, needs a nap! Nice detail. Greenwood getting to you? It makes me wonder..... Do artists who paint with oil think artists who paint with acrylic are not real artists? It just amazes me,(no kidding). Definitions: ART: the conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects. (Strange how it doesn't mention digital versus film). PHOTOGRAPHY: the art or process of producing images on a sensitized surface by the action of radiant energy and especially light. (Odd no mention of digital or film here either). In Medicine, we deal in the Subjective versus Objective. SUBJECTIVE: What the patient interprets as the problem based on their personal past history. Basically, what the patient tells us, usually lacking in reality or substance, distorted by the patient's personal feelings. OBJECTIVE: What we knows as fact. Expressing or dealing with facts or conditions as perceived without distortion by personal feelings, prejudices, or interpretations. An example of this would be: Patient: " I can't sleep, I am awake all night. I haven't slept in days." Physician: "Does this lack of sleep make you tired during the day?" Patient: "Yes, I fall asleep every afternoon about 4pm. When I awake at 9pm, I can't go back to sleep." How does this relate to digital versus film? I guess it depends on one's own perception or interpretation of the facts. There is no factual answer to the question of which is better, digital or film. I think it all depends on the photographer taking the picture, not the media used to record it. As the old adage says "There's more than one way to skin a cat." It really doesn't matter how you do it as long as you accomplish your goal. And I think you have accomplished your goal of being a photographic artist. Period. Sorry so long, enough said.

Ken Beilman
Wilson Great detail, DOF, crop, and just about everything else. Cool shot!

Howard Dion
Very good Jayme. Making people think can lead to who knows what?

Jim McConnell

Andrea Endisch
oh my - I'm full of envy for this creature, what a life, eyes half open, laying on one's belly, waiting for, well, what for? Sympathic picture!!

Stephen Forsyth
6/5 Well, this isn't realistic at all! There's no drool. There's always drool when I wake up from an afternoon nap. It must be stuffed! Fess up, Wilson! Eh, either that or I'm a slavering idiot...

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks... Thanks you all for your take so far. HOWARD: He was probably thinking, "Look at all these ugly, picture snappin' tourists sneaking up on me as if I don't know they're there..." JAYME: Thanks for your take on "the issue." Ironically, just went in for a physical (which took up practically the whole morning,) but the doctor never gave an analogy like you did. ^_^ Hey, I'm sure there's got to be tons of PN forums dealing with this issue, which had apparently risen to a similar level of, "Canon v.s. Nikon," or "Chevy v.s. Ford." Endless. For now, I'd rather go out and make more pictures. Thanks again Jayme for taking the time to run down your valuable thoughts. Appreciate it. STEPHEN: Thanks, lad. Always appreciate your elaborations. IMHO, drooling doesn't automatically makes one an idiot, and an idiot doesn't automatically drool. I'm sure we all drool sometimes for different reasons. ^_^ PNINA: "...face look angry...got awaken?..." Are you talking about me or the turtle? ^_^ Actually, with an 80-200 2.8, 2xTC with 1.5 factor on D70 (no flash,) I easily kept a 15 feet perimeter from the turtle as prescribed by the local authorities, but there were couple tourists with point & shoot compact cameras (apparently stuck on wide angle,) that just went right up to his face and snapped away with on-board flashes. Wouldn't we all look as angry as the turtle then? Anyway, he managed to go back to sleep when all the humanoids left the ground. ANDREA: Thanks. See above. He was all good, until flashes went off! ^_^

Howard Dion
Some how some way this ugly slow moving creature managed to survive just so you could make a photograph. Interesting notion. Oh, yea. Good picture of a turtle.

Wilson Tsoi
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your kind feedback. Really appreciate it, even though it may us all kind of sleepy...z.z.z.zzzzz....

Ray Wei
This is way cool. I have some shots for the same character I saw at the National Zoo, but not even remotely close to yours. Bravo.

Ilya S.
7 7 Great Turtle!

Wilson Tsoi
"Basking Honu," a Hawaiian Green Turtle, Thoughts? Hawaiian Green Turtle, "Honu," not really that green in person, but luckily the body of water in the background reflects off a few palm trees in the background. Green tea anyone? ^_^

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