"Lets Go to the Mill"

by Tsoi Wilson

lets go to the mill seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Sunday 19th of September 2004 02:34:09 AM


Tony Georgiadis
Wilson well done leading the viewer to your main subject. Regards

Kim Slonaker
What - no one complaining on this one (yet)? Well, it won't be me, that's for sure. I like the path leading your eyes straight to the windmill. The mostly green foreground contrasts nicely with the blue in the sky. Works for me!

Francesco Martini
excellent this landscape!!!!!

Alec Ee
Lovely exposure and composition

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all fellow PNers for your feedback. Appreciate it. ^_^

Howard Dion
Wow...a day time shot with no reds and oranges. Lots of shades of green. I like it, yes I do!

Pnina Evental
Nice compositon Wilson. Pnina

Simanta Datta
very nice late afternoon light and a flawless framing

Mari Mar
I love this, well done, love the colors and the composition!

Allon Kira
An excellent title to a well composed beautiful image!! I wish I could shot this one with an IR filter:) Great job Wilson!

Cristina Fumi
everything is perfect here from perspective to colors to light to composition, congrats...

Jim McConnell

Sam Scholes
Beautifully composed photograph, the lines of the gravel path and rows of pants casually lead the eye into the scene. This photograph makes me feel like going to that windmill.

Matthew Speakes
I love the composition. Using the path to lead to your subject was very creative and effective. Nice job.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson Wonderful composition. Is that a corn field on the right? The evening light makes the tops look red, beautiful. A really neat perspective of the path to the windmill. It's so interesting that the windmill is not square with the path. I like that all lines lead right to the windmill, very nice indeed.

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Yeah - what they all said! :-) Wilson - this is another fabulous shot of these wonderful windmills!! I love the line, love the sky, love the clouds, love the field on the right ... love everything about it!! Great work!!

Henri Manguy
Excellent composition and beautiful colours.

Hector Brandan
Excellent!!! Great color and composition, Congratulations friend

Ken Beilman
Wilson This is a good example of why I value your opinion so much. Tremendous perspective, color, detail, and composition. My only criticism is that the a few of the clouds, perhaps, may look a bit unnatural. Bravo for a great photo!

Angel Hernandez
Eh, wait for me, Wilson! Good shot!!

Chee Hong Peow ( CHiPs )
Great shot ....

Ray Wei
THis is a great job. Good comp and exposure.

Gabriella Lucia
Great color, the right sharpness and composition.

Sigfrid Lopez
A classic. Colors are perfect, and definition cannot be surpassed. It would be nice to have a series that could also include the human figure (or a cycle...). Anyway, excellent as it is. Regards, Sig.

Wilson Tsoi
Sigfrid, thanks for the suggestion. I also wish there would be people in the shot to get human element in the shot, but absolutely nobody was around. A biker would be awesome indeed.

Claudia Cala'
... like a postcard!!! very good cl

Ema Popa
lovely colours ! and I love you give us your photos technical details!

Wilson Tsoi
"Lets Go to the Mill," Would Like Your Feedback... Thanks in advance for your feedback. ^_^

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