To pinch.

by Amelkovich Igor

to pinch nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Saturday 18th of September 2004 02:18:26 PM


Brent Arthur
Ouch! She isn't cutting, she is CLAMPING... Painful in any case, but nice to look at!

David McCracken
Why not! Whatever takes your fancy!

Josh Tailor
Great Model What a spectacular body to shoot!

Pernilla Öst
Igor... im sorry, but why do you like women cutting of their own nipples? Ive seen it quite a lot in your portfolio... would be nice to hear what u say ;)

Pernilla Öst
Oh sorry, pinching :P not cutting. And why good to look at? it hurts man!

Abdulla Alshehab
Excellent Work 7/7

TC Reed
very manequin-like. Good job!

Peepeye Photography
I love this one! - James

maciek podstolski
as usually... perfect.

Ivar Olsen
Wow!!!! One of the more sensual pictures I hve EVER seen!!! To me...this is a 7/7 Igor! ivar :-)

Carlos Taurus
Brazilian Wax Amazing "Brazilian Wax"!! :)

Ilker Gurer
without looking at ur name i can recognize ur photos immediately from ur own STYLE! tHAT S PRETTY NEAT HUH! Good work dear Amelkovich

Igor Laptev

Willie Thomas
Ouch!!! Tried this last night,damm it hurts!! As always great work I would have cropped a bit tighter. Place crop below the nose.

Peepeye Photography
Love it! - James

Dennis Semick
Eric Kroll...Fetish Girls...ever hear of it. Nice job

Evgeniy Shaman

Jody Frost
Mmmm very cool, she looks almost like a mannequin, her skin like plasitc

Andrea Cali'
Ouch! Fantastic shot, gorgeous model. I appreciate lighting and composition balance in particular.

Pioles Cramponis
Great shot!

Igor Amelkovich
To pinch. Some more fetish.

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