"Personal Contemplation"

by Tsoi Wilson

personal contemplation seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Saturday 18th of September 2004 03:41:45 AM


G. Y.
Excellent composition

Ken Beilman
Yes Wils Another masterful rendering from Sunset Tsoi. Don't get much better than this. 7/7 I'm also jealous of your diverse photographic opportunities.

Pnina Evental
Beautiful composition Wilson, I would have liked the angle a tiny bit down clockwise. Pnina

Stephen Forsyth
6/5 Its a shame he wasn't bending over and leaning on the railings a bit... actually, might have prefered it without the person. He seems to be disrubting the balance between the grass and windmill, but only a little. Peaceful scene, cool night air, maybe a slight breeze suggested by the ripples, the sign of a good holiday.

Howard Dion
Wils You can lighten the grass no problem. Moving the boy on the bridge that's a different story. No matter what great color and composition. I was thinking of a different way to crop the image.

Amar Khoday
Hi Wilson, I like the composition and reflective work. Although I think Howard's crop has merit, I have to say I like the original as well.

Henri Manguy
Very nice composition and superb colours.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson This is truly very beautiful. The color, the subject matter, the way the windmill and the man seem to be looking outward. I did try selectively lightening everything below the bridge, but then it changes the serene, thoughtful mood. So in the end, I must agree, your rendition is the most beautiful.

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Personally, I like the original as opposed to Howard's crop (sorry, again, Howard!) The sky is dynamic, the bridge is wonderful, as it draws the viewer right into the image toward the solitary person and then to the windmill. The bridge is also wonderful because of the slight curve. And ... you've caught wonderful reflections in the water here. Nice work!!

Mike Hathaway
I have seen shots in same lokashon as this, nice shot I love the calm water fore reflcshons. 6/6

Allon Kira
Excellent composition, wonderful colors!! i love the deep blue tones of the water, you got in this shot. very well done wilson!

Yuri Bonder
77 Excellent

David McCracken
Being honest! Wilson, Indeed this is True Tsoi. I feel the shot is ruined by the character on the bridge. He is just too central! I would also have liked the grass at the bottom left to be a touch brighter. I appreciate this would be almost impossible to achieve.

Vlad P.
Both cropping versions look not bad. However, personally, I like Howard's version better. The grass of course add depth, but detracts my attention from the main subject (man on the bridge+windmill) a little bit too much. Howard's version looks more balansed and more focused on the main subject. Probably, square format would be optimal in this case. Just my subjective opinion. Cropping, it's up to photographer.

Wilson Tsoi
Two "Bad" & "Very Bad," Improvement Suggestions? Thank you everyone for your feedback so far. Appreciate them all. BTW, Could the two 1s and 2s raters please elaborate and provide honest suggestions on how to improve it from being "bad" and "very bad" in aesthetic and originality?

Marc Aubry
Love colors and light. Great composition.

Francesco Martini
fantastic image!!!!!!

Cristina Fumi
Hi Wilson, another excellent shot from you! Entire version is very nice 7/7

Tony Georgiadis
Good work wilson great mood.

Kim Slonaker
I love the colors in this. Everything works well for me! I cannot understand anyone who would rate this low unless jealousy is the motivation.

Alec Ee
Gorgeous composition. Colors are super and love the details. The sharpening is exceptionally good. Kudos to you Wilson.

Guido Fulgenzi
Nice capture and nice color tone!

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all for your feedback. Truly appreciate it.

Dario D
Great reflextion and colors

Felix Hug
Classic Holla, another classic of yours. Good to see you so activ. ;-) Did you always have the D70? I just got it a few month back myself. Well at the end its just a tool, but a lovely little camera. Sorry.. about the photo ;-) very high, classic level...as always. Good work Wilson.

Ken Beilman
More drive by vandalism, pure and simple. Maybe we've got some psychologists on the site. What motivates vandalism?

Jos Van Poederooyen
Gorgeous Scene, Well Captured and excellent presentation.

Maria Conversano
Wonderful color and composition! Amazing!

Wilson Tsoi
"Personal Contemplation," thoughts? Thank you in advance for your feedback. ^_^

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