"Sunset at Deception Pass"

by Tsoi Wilson

sunset at deception pass seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Thursday 16th of September 2004 08:30:59 PM


Wilson Tsoi
This is something that any passerby that read everything above may find interesting.

Wilson Tsoi
Ben, Peter, Angel, Roberto, thanks... Ben, thanks for your perspective. Peter, likewise it's always a joy to view your wide scope of work, and what one can learn from it is only limited by one's openmindedness. Angel, gracias. I'm sure there are many moments like this in Spain (I still plan to go one of these days.) Grazie Roberto, have a safe trip and keep those sunsets and landscapes coming! ^_^

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wislon ^^^^^ that sound you hear is clapping. You responded to Mr Greenwood so nicely. Now back to the image. The barrell distortion, I think, gives the clouds that look of almost being able to pluck them out of the sky, so I see no problem there. I don't agree with Howard on this one, I think there is just enough water to reflect the glorious sunset. You are such an inspiration and teacher. I have no suggestions for improvement definately a strong 7/7.

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you everyone so far for your feedback, Mr. Greenwood... Paul, I tried to see things in big picture, so after reading your recent gallery comments (17-SEP,) it is evident that you are having a serious internal conflict regarding your equipment issue, debating whether to dump the Nikon F5/F100 + films combo, and go with a digital set up. With that in mind, you examined the highly rated photos and tried to answer your own question in the form of comments (do appreciate your frankness on them.) Whatever you end up deciding, it's your call, but I never assume that a small image from a 1/1.8 CCD digital compact will hold up against a 4x5" E6 when doing >8x10", but then again, Photo.Net's requirement is "no more than 1024 pixel long." Paul, was there a minimum print size requirement that I wasn't aware of, 12"x18", 20"x30",) and if so, my decision about which equipment to use would have to consider that fact, and yes, I will then most likely opt for a format that will yield that required print size. We still use Toyo, 4x5" Ektachrome 64 at work for packaging photography (requires reproduction of 12x18" and up,) but I'd rather carry a Canon A80 on my hip when travelling on biz.) Meanwhile, judging from your photos , equipment is the last thing I would be worrying about. But if you insist on showcasing your images as a large 20x30" prints, I believe the easiest, most accessable venue would be your local fairs and not Photo.Net since its format can not readily exploit all the detail you may have captured on Sensia. At those fairs, the viewers and judges can then truly appreciate the blown up prints and therefore, your images more appreciated. I trust that my reply is sensible, civil, and must say that not everybody on Photo.Net would take the time to consider your big picture, look into the background, and reply in a similar manner that I have here. Regards, Wilson.

Henri Manguy
Nothing bothers me in this magnficent picture. I like the proportions between sky and sea. It's obvious that a sunset picture must have the sun in the low part and the sky occupies the rest of the place.

Ken Beilman
Trademark Sunset Tsoi at work again. Love it! Can't think of anything to improve it. Awesome sky.

Jim McConnell

Allon Kira
Beaytiful sunset colors!! Rgds, allon. (7/6)

Zac Seeley
Wonderful photo. I probably would have left a little more water, but this is a great composition. Seeing it this way, I'd leave it just as it is. Great shot

Alec Ee
Lovely rich colors! And no flare, kudos to you.

Angel Hernandez
What a nice moment you have captured Wilson! Beautiful!!

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Um ... here's that TRUE TSOI that they're always talking about. :-) LOVE IT!! Nothing to criticize here, Wilson!!

Roberto P
Wilson, my compliments for this beautiful and bright sunset. The exposure is perfect and the composition beautiful. It is beautifully real! Warm Congrats!

Vlad P.
Wilson, this is a nice composition itself, but...IMHO you've pushed color (or just levels) too much. Maybe it's just me, and I maybe wrong, but my guess is that more gentle color/density would be a plus here. To Ben's remark I can only say that it's better to focuse on dicussing the image rather than argue with third-party opinions, tastes are different and the ability to hear your opponents may be helpful sometimes.

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks Jayme, Henry, and Vlad,... Vlad, I appreciate all critiques equally, be it from Paul, Ben, Jack, Jill, Hansel, Gretel, or you. Also, I hope that I don't have any "opponents" here, or should anyone in Photo.Net. I thought that it's a "community" here, one that we all learn from each other and improve ourselves photographically. Vlad, your insight regarding dialing back saturation a bit is well noted and thank you. BTW, by directing your last paragraph to Ben, you've just put yourself in the same position that you had accused him of, yes? Just a thought. ^_^ Peace out.

Guido Fulgenzi
Great color and lighitng!

Howard Dion
Hey Wilson: Me thinks a little too much sky. The sunset works just fine. Colors are awesome.

Ben Muck
Dramatic sunset photo with awesome clouds.

Wilson Tsoi
Robert & Jen, Thank you both for your feedback. You both are fine example of what a make this site a true learning experience and source of inspiration. Robert, no problem with your English here, so apology is absolutely not necessary. ^_^

Chris Stachura
too big file for Internet purposes, but the picture looks great

Gabriella Lucia
The sun looks vivid and real. It looks like you can reach out and touch it. This is quite an accomplishment considering the camera. This of course speaks volumes about the technical and artistic ability of the photographer. Wilson it is always a pleasure to view and always try to make myself a better photographer from the positive contributions people like you make on this site.

Jenifer Selwa - West Michigan
Wilson, this shot is spectacular! We went over the Deception Pass bridge on our honeymoon back in 1997 and the area is truly lovely. Fantastic use of the clouds and wide angle here. The sun might use a little toning down but otherwise nicely post processed. Keep up the wonderful work!

Kim Slonaker
Geez, Wilson, what did you do to piss these people off??? Take great pictures and this is what happens? I am a great fan of yours and this picture is no exception. Great capture of a beautiful sky.

Robert Marleau
Wilson I agree with you I see photo.net as a learning community, and respect of others is one of the main ingredient if we want to help others to learn. BTW let's have fun children are always learning that way!and I like your photo!(sorry for my english!)

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks Bob, Kim, and Paul,... Thanks for your feeback. Paul, I certainly did not imply you at all. You had already given me a valuable feedback regarding the saturation, thanks again. As for the "grudge rate," neither do I. I would just like to hear it from "the source" of what's bad, and what can improve, really. Come on, lets share. ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
Paul Paul, thanks for your elaboration. By the way, I never said once that your comment was an "attack," and never felt like I was attacked. I simply observed, anaylized, and provide feedback accordingly. Like I said, I appreciate all feedback, and stated that I comprehended your saturation comment, and readily accept whatever ratings anyone care to leave. In return, I also hope that you can accept my thorough analysis, presentation of different scenarios, and my honest opinion which you unfortunately viewed it as a personal attack. I certainly hope you don't. Nevertheless, my opinion remains unchanged. Paul, even though I may have different perspective based on many of your gallery comments, I in fact do agree with quite a few of them. We all have different opinions, and I feel that's what make photography interesting. By all means, please don't stop making your critiques and ratings any work, mine, or any others on Photo.Net. Like I said, I do value your frankness. Lastly, when you finally decide on your equipment, do let us all know what you end up with. Peace out and keep on shooting.

Bob Kurt
Very good

Wilson Tsoi
"Bad", Suggestion for Improvement? We're all here to learn, so may I ask the person whom rated "bad" (2) for aesthetic and originality to please elaborate a suggestion for improvement? Thanks.

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks, John. Noted your comment with thanks. John, I never accused Paul of any that you had stated, and I'm sure that you also found my reply as honest, polite and contains effective technical perspective as well. I understand Paul's perspective, and I just wanted to provide mine in return. Pure and simple. John, I also understand the limited dynamic range in sunset picture, and other than combining two separate exposure, one for the shadow, and one for the brights, I agree that even all the bracketing one does, one will never extract all the available detail from a sunset image. But this was not part of the debate to begin with. I stand firm that for PN's maximum size of 1024 pixel, it doesn't matter if I used an A80 or a D70. OTOH, if I were required to make a 24x30" print, I would definitely prefer a 4x5 E6. As for other "party," it is beyond my control and I feel it's best that you converse directly to that member. John, thank you for your valuable insights and opinion. ^_^

John Falkenstine
Of interest. My coolpix 4500 can generate excellent 11 x 17 prints, with good sharpness, using an Epson 1280..but the cost of ink is painful. I don't see the point either of the HUGE PRINT.

John Falkenstine
Wilson: Paul's comments are honest, polite and contain some effective technical comments. BTW shortly after I made observations on one of your images I received some counter-ratings and remarks by a party who happens to like your pictures and briefly appointed himself your enforcer. I too have made numerous sunset exposures and as Paul has noted in some postings, the light coming into the lens exceeds the dynamic range of the film or sensor so you get what you see here. Manipulation won't help much. I even spent one evening carefully shooting a sunset and bracketing and no diff at all. Sunsets are sunsets see my attempts at http://www.photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=1791826&size=lg. The critique Paul offers is valid.

Wilson Tsoi
To compare note.... John, to compare note, depending on images, the A80 can yield an 11x14" just fine. I once tried output it at 12x18" for 3 bucks with Costco's Noritsu lab, and it is NOT acceptable (might fair better from a 1280 or 2200, haven't tried yet.) OTOH, I had printed a D70's (or similar) file at 12x18" (for wedding reception purpose) from the same lab with very good result. I have to agree that generally, the Epson's output is excellent, but the ink cost....I sometimes wonder if it's cheaper to just buy a whole new Epson printer every time I need to replace ink cartridges.

C J Rupp
Wilson, a wonderful sunset. I like as is with the sunlight playing on the clouds.

John Falkenstine
Large print at high resolution takes almost 2 hours.....print quality is "wow" however.

fatemeh hendijani
what a beautiful you've seen and taken a picture ..

Juan Carlos Bretschneider
I like the saturation of the sky, as well as the color range on the rest of the image; as for the composition, it is remarkably well achieved. Nice picture, indeed!

Leigh McMullen
I'd flip the shot on it's head and crop just above the mid cloud bank and turn it into a ultra wide angle composition.

Jaap Voets
beautiful shot !

Wilson Tsoi
"Sunset at Deception Pass," thoughts? Would like to hear your feedback on this. Does the barrel distortion bother you? Too much sky, not enough water? Thanks in advance for taking the time.

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