"Night Arrival"

by Tsoi Wilson

night arrival seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Thursday 16th of September 2004 02:36:14 AM


Wilson Tsoi
Thank you everyone... Thank you everyone so far for your feedback. Andrea, Reiner, I'd rather be in Wilhelma. ^_^

Andrea Endisch
I never knew Mannheim Bahnhof would be worth a visit(it probably is not), you really made the best out of it, composition is just perfect and the different lights quite colorful, great!

Henri Manguy
Excellent shot. I was recently wondering what sort of new shots I could make in Paris. I think I will photograph the railways stations by night. Thank you for the idea.

Ken Beilman
Wilson Thanks for the description that clarifies what's happening. There's a lot going on in this image. Beautiful sky and sense of motion with the train. Great detail. Well done!

Gabriella Lucia
Creative photo along with the right composition.

Hashim A
"Night Arrival" Wilson, you continue to deliver very good stuff! Really love how the sky looks in this image. Very nicely done.

David McCracken
The thumbnail! Wilson, When I saw the thumbnail, I thought th roof of the building on the left was meant to be a spaceship landing. Clicking on the thumbnail is a little disappointing! Nice picture though!

Brad Kim
Excellent night photography, Wilson.... I especially love those tracks in the lower part of the image....!!!

Alec Ee
Difficult shot well captured. Excellent exposure.

Howard Dion
Good, crisp, clean night photography with a touch of orange and a full moon. Way to go.

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Hi Wilson! The lines in this make it interesting. And, no ... it's not too gloomy. The dark night with the bright moon is wonderful!

Ray Wei
Excellent shot. D70 at night shows noise, I failed many times on that. Did you shoot RAW?

Now we know it: Mannheim is the perfect city to make night-shots! RE

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson The gentle arc of the lights of the moving train, the soft glow of the moon and clouds, and the golden glow of the building roof all work to give softness to a rather industrial landscape. This creates a wonderful paradox. Beautiful.

Wilson Tsoi
"Night Arrival" on a full moon night at Mannheim Hauptbahnhof. An InterCity Express train arriving at Mannheim main railway station under a full moon night (figure I'd leave the moon alone.) Hope it's not too gloomy for you, thoughts?

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