"Two Separate Worlds"

by Tsoi Wilson

two separate worlds seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Tuesday 14th of September 2004 01:17:26 AM


Guido Fulgenzi
Really nice composition!

Kim Slonaker
I'm with Howard - the leaf is detracting from the composition. Without it, you have a very interesting reflection - like a painting again.

Marc Aubry
7/7 Very pictural. Love it!

Sasho Alushevski

Samuli Järvinen
If only the leaf was a bit sharper. However it has to stay. Great shot.

Francesco Martini
excellent reflection and nice colour!!!!

Umit Altun
7:7 Beautiful colors on the reflection!!! Very well done, Regards...

Cristina Fumi
could be a painting! it is so beautiful!

Pnina Evental
Wilson,I like the upside down reflections, I do think that the leaf is a distructing, and is a competition to the rest of image. Pnina

Anatolij Blaszewicz
7/7 Supb. reflection

Maria Conversano
An exellent duble work!!! Magnificant colors and composition!

Martin Paul

Stephen Forsyth
5/6 I wasn't sure how to rate this one. The leaf means a O6, and I was thinking about a A6, but in the end settled on 5. Why? First of all, I think a tad more space between the reflection and leaf, not so its crammed in the corner, but still, just some breathing space between them. The second problem is more interesting, prehaps trival to some, but I think its been touched on in the forums- the problems with putting titles on photos and forcing a point of view on the viewer. The title, IMHO, would make more sense if the leaf was sharp. With the blur, it becomes unreal, and therefore merges with the unreality of the reflection, working against the idea that the title suggests. Without the title, I could merge reality and unreality. Again, maybe very trival, feel free to call me an idiot... here's the forum link if you haven't seen it already... http://www.photo.net/bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg?msg_id=0086bY

Guido Fulgenzi
I came back to look at your pic,and 7 for aesthetic is the right rating!Great work

Allan Wallberg
Beautiful photo.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson The diagonal contrast of color and shape created between the water and the deep blue of the sky and the colorful buildings is wonderful. The light on the building with the red door is super. I particularly like the reflection of the leaf stem, I find this intriguing along with the tiny bit of white of a cloud in the upper right. There's no question the leaf must stay, but I also agree I think I want the leaf to be tack sharp to accentuate the contrasts of the wavyness (is that a word? LOL) of the reflected buildings and water. Such beautiful color!

Howard Dion
Wilson great shot...but the leaf has to go. The scale is wrong. Detracts from the beauty of the image.

Marina Cano
Good. Very good. Really wonderful Wilson.

Gabriella Lucia
Just a fantastic composition loaded with an abundance of rich color.

JF Ochoa
Aesthetic 7!!! Beautiful reflection. Congrats.

Spyros Stamatelatos

David McCracken
Reflective Period You seem to be in a reflective period at the moment Wilson. This is TT.

Angela Su
Beautiful! Feel like a poem ,the colour combinations works great!Congarts!

Salvatore Mele
By all means the leave has to stay! That's exactly the spirit of the image, another excellent reflection from your portfolio.

Ken Beilman
How did I miss this one? Awesome color and painterly texture. I agree that the leaf doesn't need to be there but that's certainly a matter of taste. Great work, Wils.

Marilyn N.
With or without.... Great shot with the leaf - shows real and reflection, would be nice without - looks like a painting - but I really like it with the leaf in.

Roberto P
Nice composition Wilson. The leaf sharpness can be an issue but I find this image great! Congrats!

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all for your valuable opinions. Really appreciate it. I think I owe a few of you a version without the leaf. ^_^

Mario Spalla
Good googd goooooood!! Very nice shoot and colors!!

Manolis Spanakis
I am also for leaving the leaf out but I don't remember to have ever seen nicer reflections! The real-unreal contrast would have been great idea should the leaf be in focus and much smaller. Very difficult to rate. I will rather wait for a next version.

Stephen Galea
Great vision and composition

Maria Di Liegro
Yes Wilson, if you could show us a version without the leaf, that would be super. The photo doesn't need the leaf and I feel the leaf is too much. I imagine that without the leaf the photo would be absolutely stunning. :)

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Hi Wilson! I don't mind the leaf ... it makes this particular image unique. (And, the red in the windows is a neat accent, too!) Having said that, though, I prefer the other image that has a similar reflection. I just like the size, colors, & orientation of the buildings in the other better.

Tony Georgiadis
A well balanced picture with saturated colors Wilson eye catching.

Michele Berti
That's great. Stunning colours and beautiful reflections. The leaf add a lot. Congrats.

Ray Wei
This is, again, Troi-ism at its best. 7/7.

Igor Laptev
Beautiful colors!

Dmitri Zakovorotny
Aestetical.Maybe oversaturated a bit.7/6

Wim Ipenburg
7/7 Wilson, how can you get more friends? Making more pictures like this! It's amazing what you captured!

Wilson Tsoi
Ladies and gents... ...thank you everyone for your feedback and input. To leaf or not to leaf, that's the question. ^_^

Brad Kim
Nice capture, Beautiful presentation, Excellent title!!!

Wilson Tsoi
"Two Separate Worlds," your thoughts are welcome. Red doors v.s. yellow leaf, who's going to win? Thanks in advance for taking the time.

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