aki no iro [second dream of Mioko]...

by Shaman Evgeniy

aki no iro second dream of mioko moscow seeking critique shaman evgeniy

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Published: Monday 13th of September 2004 08:50:12 AM


Abdullah AlQahtani
Great work,,,,

Stefan Rohner
I will never understand why people try to imitate analogue technology with digital medium, why not in analogue, the grey scale information would be much wider... best regards Stefan

Claude Gauthier
Insired I have been checking your work for several weeks now and I am very impressed by the creativity and your post-processing skills. This image is particularily succesful and a great example of what can be done with post production treatement. I would like to know what tools and filters you use to obtain such a wonderful result! Thanks for sharing your work with us all.

Marc Aubry
Very nice portrait! 6/6

Evgeniy Shaman
To Claude Gauthier original photo + 2 layers (textures)...

Igor Laptev
7/7 Speechless!!!!!

Evgeniy Shaman
To Marek Mengel aki no iro - colors of autumn... japanese signs is my author sign - "art - phylosophy of life!

Marek Mengel
Is there any legend behind this image or are these japanese signs only for feeling?

Evgeniy Shaman
thanks to all!

Emil Schildt
yes this rocks! so fine and moody.

Evgeniy Shaman
aki no iro want comments, thanks!

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