"A Bridge to the Mill"

by Tsoi Wilson

a bridge to the mill seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Sunday 12th of September 2004 07:07:11 AM


TC Reed
Very nice and warm in tone. Maybe a little overdone, but I like the feel of it. The windmill is a great object to have against an evening sky. Good work.

Christophe Debon
Very good light, exposure and perspective !

Gerry Bridge
Great composition, Wilson. Beautiful colours 7/7

Mike Hathaway
I love the reflecshon, great perspective

Francesco Martini
fantastic and suggestive image!!!!!

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Not to be contrary (sorry, David!), but I think that the windmill makes this shot ... takes it above an ordinary sunset. Yes, I guess you could crop a little at the left, but it's not sooooo necessary. This is gorgeous, Wilson, and I'm glad that you've included more water than sky ... the reflection is as striking as the actual color.

Howard Dion
I never get tired of looking at this images, they are all different. Agree with Lou Ann;s comments.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson The color and silhouetted lines and shapes are the subject, it is so striking. The silhoutted diagonal lines lead me right to the windmill. I think the windmill is very necessary, sorry David. If you could have gotten them to remove the thing next to the windmill, I doubt we would be having this discussion. Nice job, beautiful sunset!

Gabriella Lucia
The windmill makes the shot and Wilson once again the colors are perfect. Not overdone imo.

David McCracken
Strange as it may seem! True Tsoi..... again! The frame to the left of the windmill doesn't quite work, probably because I don't know what it is! It is possible that the photograph would have been just as good without the windmill altogether. (Maybe its just me!)

Marc Aubry
I love the lighting. Very nice.

Ken Beilman
Wils You are the master of reflections and sunsets. The windmill is a must.

Cristina Fumi
very very nice

Guido Fulgenzi
Terrific color!

Etienne D
Nice color and composition!

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all so far for your kind feedback. Appreciate it. ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
"A Bridge to a Mill," Works, No, Why, Why Not? Would like your feeback on this. Thanks in advance for your time.

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