Nuance #44

by Sousa Dias Nana

nuance pentax smc mm f macro x ilf sousa dias nana

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Published: Sunday 12th of September 2004 01:12:51 AM


Gerry H
stunning work... as usual :) professional results, wonderful contrast between the skin and the wet rock to the right, the droplets of water are fabulous 7/6

Allen Balkcom
chatting The technical merits are outstanding, but what got me is the attention spot. No faces just bodies. The way their sitting makes me think their having a conversation. If only the right subject looked a little more relaxed. (stiff arm).... Anyway, I don't know what it is about this foto that got me rambeling on, but it's a great shot.

Felicia A. Massidda
Yes...VERY professional results! Makes me envious! (joking). Great work!

Brad Kim
Wonderful work, Nana... I like the tonality of the image ... and rather strong contrast... It works wonderfully here. I love the position of the hands... it makes this image not ordinary. I may crop off a tiny bit of upper side and the right side, making the image a little bit tighter... Thanks for sharing !!!

sd adsada
Very nice shot !

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