"Sky Homes"

by Tsoi Wilson

sky homes seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Saturday 11th of September 2004 05:12:22 AM


Pnina Evental
Interesting composition and colors Wilson. Pnina

Gabriella Lucia
Good use of geometrical shapes and striking color.

Francesco Martini
very nice this "strange" house!!!!!

Andrea Endisch
of course it's confusing at the beginning - but who cares? It's colours and forms at their best!

Marc Aubry
7/7 I love this shot - beautiful composition

Antonio Garcia
PERFECT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Al Essa
Striking Geometry Very nice photograph. Beautiful geometry and the colors lift the composition nicely.

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you everyone for taking the time to provide feedback. Appreciate it. ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all so far... ...for your feedback. Truly appreciate it. Tom H., yes, it's Piet Blom's late 70's work, the Overblaak Housing off the Blaak Metro stop. Rotterdam, everyone, is full of modern architectural treasure. Take a peak at Jackie Chan's, "Who Am I?" movie for a preview. Martin, so far so good with a D70. The images are very clean, very light body for travel, decent ergonomic, and generally quite intuitive. The downsides are there though and it's getting bothersome: 1.) Mode Dial is easily shifted by accident as the click stop doesn't stay in place that firmly, 2.) Switching from AF-S to AF-C has to be done via menu, 3.) No provision for vertical grip, and 4.) Other than the central AF point, the other AF points are pretty much useless in terms of tracking sport and wildlife. Most often time, ergonomically, I actually enjoy using the Canon A80 (now A95) a little more than the D70. Unless I need a long telephoto or a special optic, I most likely will have an A80 and a tabletop tripod with me. ^_^ You know what will be a perfect set up? A pocketable Canon A80 type camera with a large, 6MP, clean, D70 type of CCD, with 2" flip screen, up to 30 seconds exposure time, down to f22, and with focal length of 24-200, all with f2.8, retain ISO 50, AA batteries, compact flash card...too much to ask for? ^_^

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson This is so interesting to look at. Not only is the color eye grabbing, the lines are so interesting, they keep my eyes very busy looking at the details. How did you know where to start? Even the sky has a nice patterned shape to it. I really like it!

David Maisant
Wilson, you made my day, again...

Maria Conversano
Perfect composition and geometry. Magnificant colors!!!!

Walter Tatulinski
Excellent photgraph Wilson! Clean geometry, simple colors. Regards.

Martin Paul
Hi very nice architectural abstract. How do you find your D70? I am considering buying one soon. Regards, Martin Paul.

Confusing? Too? Agreable that you present this kind of picture too! RE

Alec Ee
Unbelivably clean! Well captured Wilson. The thumbnail just didn't do it justice

Dave Nitsche
It is brutally confusing but a wonderful shot. Usually I am bored by images like this, but this one really grabs me... Dave

Tom H
Cubicals at the Haringvliet in ROtterdam The Netherlands? I know the daughter of the guy who designed them. Like the lines and the "arrow" formed by the sky. Also reminds me a bit about Japanese origami. Great shot.

Howard Dion
This is a twilight zone photo gone 3D full color 22nd century color balanced form balanced, where you can see in the windows, commercial for Nikon. Send them a print.

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
I'm with Howard ... this is fabulous! I love the colors and lines. And the fact that you can see in some of the windows makes it perfect. Great work!!

Guido Fulgenzi
Great cropping,so original!Congrats.

Tony Georgiadis
Very good shot with dynamic diagonals and color.

Igor Laptev
Very nice image Wilson!

Ken Beilman
Wilson Looks like I've come to the party late and thus don't have much to contribute with all the preceeding comments. I must say, however, that this is another creative and very pleasing shot.

Ray Wei
Great photo in terms of color, clarity and composition, not necessarily in this particular order. I like the 45 degree line that meets the lower right corner; something I alse pay attention to. Congrats.

Paul de Vries
added value Wilson, You managed to add something to the very interresting architecture of Piet Blom. My compliments! I have walked many times below these houses but I have never spotted this shot, great.

Joe Orsak
Fun shots Wilson!

Wilson Tsoi
PAUL: So glad to hear from someone familiar with the area! Thanks. JOE: Sure is, thanks for dropping in! Wilson ^_^

David Cassidy

This is gorgeous. Great composition, excellent dynamics to the image. Colour and sharpness are first-rate.Just an eye-catching image all around. Great work! -David

ShadowMan awaits ...

Wilson Tsoi
"Sky Homes," Would appreciate your feedback. Hope this is not too confusing. Would appreciate your feedback. Thanks in advance for your time.

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