"Reflecting on a Sunny Day"

by Tsoi Wilson

reflecting on a sunny day seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Tags: reflecting on a sunny day seeking critique

Category: Abstract

Published: Saturday 11th of September 2004 01:22:30 AM


Sondra Kicklighter
Outstanding reflections and colors. Cheers, Sondra

Marina Cano
Delighful Wilson!

Hanna Cowpe
Wilson, I like this alot. It's true that if you spend your day standing on your head that you need a strong drink at the end of it. I'm always intrigued by the different textures you get from a reflection. The very fine ripples create a painterly stroke here and the light on the building is great. I find it difficult to decide if a reflection shot should be shown flipped or not. I recently entered my houseboat photo in a contest and left if up to the convenors. They hung it flipped. What do others think?

Stephen Forsyth
6/5 Nope, can't think of anything to suggest. Damn. Ignoring the relfection effect for a second, I like the tight comp, the framing of the building. I like how the diagonal of red( flowers, yes?) takes the eye to the patch of brown at the corner, which then takes you up the full height of the house. The triangle of light adds balance to the dark left half, the brown patch top-left corner mirrors the bottom right... nope, no suggestions, grrrr...

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson Very nice, kid of how I felt yesterday about 930am! My kind of image.

Richard Mitchell
Like a painting! Wilson: This is like a fine painting. I love the texture and the colors, it is a wonderful photo. I've now scanned your (large!) gallery, it is one of the finest I've seen on photo.net. Your work is fantastic!

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all for your feedback and taking the time. ^_^

Krister Hall
Absolutely beautiful!!

Maria Conversano
Very creative work! Exellent colors and texture. I love it so much!!!!

Jakub Kielar
eXCELLENT CREATIVENES Well - it is exceptionally creative and in terms of aesthetics very very good- Congratulations

Marc Aubry
Beautiful picture with nice reflections!

Alec Ee
Another Wilson original! Can recognise your signature all the time. Love the colors

Pnina Evental
Nice colored reflections Wilson. Pnina

Guido Fulgenzi
Just like a painting,wonderfuly done!

Gabriella Lucia
Very creative work.

Ken Beilman
Wils And a painterly image you achieved. More reflection (pun intended) of that creativity of yours, not to speak of the great aesthetics. I also rate this a 7/7; I'm with Howard on this one.

Howard Dion
It?s an abstract glimpse of reality. Wilson, great abstract image. Actually, this is one of your best submissions. A/7 O/7

TC Reed
Great use of reflective element. Love the color in this. Framing was a good idea too. Well done!

Wilson Tsoi
Ken W. R u serious?! Makes more sense with a glass of wine or a nice, cold, local Amber Lager. Get some snooze, my friend. ^_^

Tony Georgiadis
Great reflections and colors.

Wilson Tsoi
Grazie, Merci, Danke, und Thanks... Thank you all so far for your feedback. Ken W.: Dude, funny you should mention that. I felt kinda, "funny" when shootin' it. Alrighty then...I'm glad you get it off your chest. I'll look into a different view point for a self-portrait then, and indeed, I am heavily in to caffiene...and that's why I'm still writing at this moment (and obviously, so are you.) ^_^

Ken Williams ...
Have a cup right here ...... sighhhhhh. Messin' with you Wilson - thanks ...... (-;

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
And again, I love it!! Did you flip it, or was this how your camera saw it. The water/reflection definitely gives you a painterly feel. The blue of the sky is also captured wonderfully in the water. Great work!

Igor Laptev
Beautiful colors!

Gaetan Chevalier
Great original work.

Ken Williams ...
Wilson, I'm going to mess with you and hope you have a sense of humor ......... (-; I don't like opening your page and seeing a view of you from your shoes point of view -- I'm sorry but maybe it is a Texas thing - I don't know ......... been meaning to say that - I feel better now, thank you. Come up to Oregon and I'll put you in the basement window with a ostrich Eggg ......... (-; I like the effect you have achieved here by using the '10 cups of coffee' method - very rhymic camera shake you have going here ... !

Tim Nichols
They don't get much better! Very nice. Very original. Gorgeous colors.

Wilson Tsoi
Lou Ann, Howard, TC, and Tim, Thanks for your feedback so far. Lou Ann, yes, this image was flipped from the original capture.

Kim Slonaker
I really like this one. I think flipped was the right choice - makes it look like a rather abstract painting of a house. Very cool, Wilson.

Carsten Ranke
Very nice the reflections, superb colors, good idea with the flip. It?s an effect you still need water for, almost impossible with PS alone (any freaks out there ?) Regards, Carsten

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you ladies and gents for your feedback so far. Hanna, admittedbly deciding which way to orient a reflection image is probably the biggest decision to make. On a sunny day reflection shot where the blue water gets really dark, it becomes even more critical, because psychologically the dark, blue water looks fine naturally up-side-down, but once flipped, it will immediately looks too dark. Some times it works, some times it....

Bill Gibson
Reflecting Impression Very Impressionistic. I like it.

Wilson Tsoi
"Reflecting on a Sunny Day," Works for You? Would appreciate your feedback and thank you in advance for taking the time. ^_^

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