untitled nude seeking critique

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Published: Thursday 1st of January 1970 12:00:00 AM


Darko Kordovan
Always great!!(7/6)

John Peri
I will try that Keith. Thank you.

Keith Hunter
John, this picture is excellent. I believe everything works very well here... composition, lighting, wardrobe (or lack there of), setting, and model. The back of the couch, in front of her knee, may be a little hot; my eye lingers there a touch too long. Could you take that down a half stop or so? I think it would then balance with the dark piece of furniture behind her left shoulder.

Bill Lawson
Yea, this belongs in nudes, not portraits. Bill

Anthony S
Most people will think that I'm giving you 7's because you have a sexy model and she's a bit exposed (no pun intended), but I think this is a really great photo. The exposure, the outfit, the background, the crop, the pose. Everything , in my opinion is exceptional. Nice job

David Vorland
I love the expression

Anthony Peterson
Good looking model. Excellent execution. If you feel like you've captured her personality here, then why can't this be a portrait?

John Peri
A Spanish lady at home .. Possibly a slightly controversial portrait..

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