"Rocky Sunset"

by Tsoi Wilson

rocky sunset seeking critique tsoi wilson

Gallery: Travel, USA, Pacific Northwest

Tags: seeking critique

Category: Landscape

Published: Monday 6th of September 2004 07:17:53 PM


Gabriella Lucia
To me just a great composition and warm scene.

David Orea
Beautiful scene with very nice colors!

Umit Altun
7:6 Beautiful sunset colors and composition!!! Well done, best regards.

Allon Kira

Francesco Martini
fantastic this sunset!!!!!!

Guido Fulgenzi
Superb lighting and great colors!

Ken Beilman
Wilson To my eyes, there is nothing to improve in this shot. Awesome colors, composition, perspective, detail, the whole ball of wax. Your use of the A80 is inspiring. 7/7

Kim Slonaker
Nice mood to this one, but I think I would have changed the angle slightly to eliminate the house, if possible. Great color combination.

Tony Georgiadis
Great shot Wilson.

Howard Dion
I think the expression is breath taking. I'll bet being there was even better!

Stephen Forsyth
Honestly, not as keen on this one. It certainly looks good, but I'm not convinced by the positioning of the various elements. Were you trying to hide that house behind the rock?

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
I LOVE this one! I'm a sucker for sea side scenes with rocks and a great sky. Your colors are fabulous!! Great work!

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks Roberto and Henri for your feedback. ^_^

Jim Swenson
A very good sunset shot. Great compositin and nice mood.

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all... Thanks to you all PNers that took time to comment. Really appreciate it. Stephen: Didn't realize there was a house until after I shot it! No, wasn't trying to hide it, but just want to have one of the rock protudes pass the horizon line for depth. Thanks for always being thorough in your comment. Jayme: You win some, you loose some. Dave Nitsche: Yes, I see what you mean. Next time, I'll either slap on 2-3 stop ND filter to force a longer exposure (my puny little A80 only goes down to f8,) or use a SLR instead. Thanks for the tip. ^_^ Jazzman: Often time I'm too lazy to drag along bigger and heavier SLR kit, so have to make do with a toy camera. Actually, I find that these little A80/95 are indispensible when you want to go very light and do lots of low angle stuffs. Even when I carry a SLR kit, the A80 still gets to come along. ^_^

Dave Nitsche

Hey Wilson. A great image for sure. Since you seem to be looking for feedback the only thing
I could suggest would be a little more exposure. I would love to see a vail on the water like
the medium or large format people seem to get from their very long exposures. Ya know?
Like almost a blur was applied to it. David Fokos comes to mind.

A Fokos Gallery

Looks familiar to a gallery or two on p.net doesn't it? His work is brilliant but that is the water
effect I would like to see in your shot. Nice shot one way of the other though. One of my favorites of yours. Dave

Roberto P
Great colors and composition for this sunset Wilson. Really love the deep blue of the foreground! Congrats!

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson Exceptionally beautiful. The pink/violet of the sky with the blue of the water is a perfect compliment in colors. I like the softness of the water, gives it a magical feel. Love the colors and texture in the rocks. While I think I would like to see this without the coast line, it does add perspective, I just wish it was as beautiful as the sky, water and rocks.

Henri Manguy
Excellent composition, great colours.

Wilson Tsoi
"Rocky Sunset." Would like to hear your feedback. Would like to hear your feedback on this. What works, what doesn't. Thanks for taking the time.

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