"A Lonely Windmill"

by Tsoi Wilson

a lonely windmill seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Monday 6th of September 2004 04:48:34 AM


Pnina Evental
Beautiful Wilson, all was said... well done as always. Pnina

Gabriella Lucia
Indeed recongniseably Tsoiish. That is why I like it. I like the rich colors that jump out on your photos. Excellent.

Roberto P
Beautiful sunset picture! Love it. Congrats Wilson!

Guido Fulgenzi
Beautiful capture and superb lighting!

Tony Georgiadis
Great mood well done.

Howard Dion
I sat here for ten minutes trying to figure out what to say. I thought, "Should I talk about the quality of the photo? Should I talk about the fabulous colors and composition? Should I talk about the windmill, or contrails and how they seem to create movement and tie the different forms together? Then it hit me. Hey Wilson, do they have windmills in the Pacific Northwest?"

There is a windmill... And the around! RE (Forget the title - leads to the wrong , a "weak" direction.)

ccq _
That's a lovely picture! It has wonderful colors and the mood is great. I do like the plane trails because it gives it a nice abstract design to the sky, but what I really like is the silky water reflection. Great work!

Henri Manguy

Matt Pearson
I love this image! The color and the compostion (the lonely windmill gazes over an endless horizon, searching for a mate). It's is aesthetically stunning and the technical asepects fill me with envy. It also reminded me of something... I'm going to include an attachment that I hope you won't find offensive... I mean it in a very playful way :-) Dang... It doesn't look like it's going to let me attach anything... we'll see :-/

David McCracken
Why it works / Why it doesn't. The wind comes along and catches the 'sails' of the windmill. This causes them to rotate and this is why it works. When there is not wind it doesn't work. Sorry Wilson! It's a nice picture and recongniseably Tsoiish. The interlacing of the clouds is a bit of putting although I think others may like this fact. Not your best but then even your worst is pretty good!

David Maisant
It's a very good and classic picture with excellent composition and exposure. I don't like the plane trails though, but it's only me. Keep posting for our enjoyment.

Kim Slonaker
I don't like the plane trails, either, but it does kind of make an interesting contrast between the old-time windmill and the modern world, with high-flying jets. Of course, this may be a brand new windmill, but I always think of them as being from the "old days". Great colors.

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Oh, I don't know about David ... I really like this. Even the contrails pick up the wonderful evening colors. The silhouette of the windmill also seem to reflect the angles of the contrails. I think it's interesting that there seems to be one contrail in the reflection that is not shown in the sky within the frame. Am I right?

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all... Thanks so much all you PNers for your feedback. Lou Ann: Yes, the reflection contains one contrail that I wasn't able to include in the sky (just the way it works.) Howard: We do have small windmills up in Mt. Vernon (very, very small mock-ups.) This one is in Southern part of the Netherlands however (side trip out from recent biz trip.) Matt: Thanks for the motivational poster option. I suppose it can work in that form as well. Thank you also for taking the time to visit and comment on my older work. ^_^

Francesco Martini
suggestive image in beautiful colour!!!!

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson The colors and reflections are gorgeous. The composition is perfect. What more could you ask? Can't think of a thing! Beautiful!

Jenifer Selwa - West Michigan
Great color and composition, Wilson!

Robert Marleau
good composition, nice colours,but overall a sense of lonelyness. Bravo!

Ken Beilman
Wilson One of those trademark sunset shots. This is another example of why you should be known as "Sunset Tsoi". Interesting upload from Mat. This could easily be seen as a motivational picture in one of those poster shops.

Cristina Fumi
me too Wilson, I love the loneliness, the colors and the reflections.

Umit Altun
7:6 I like too mucth!!! Vert nice colors and composition...

Wilson Tsoi
Paul, thanks for your feedback. Glad that you find it has soul. ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
"A Lonely Windmill," thoughts? Thanks in advance for your feedback. Why it works, why it doesn't?

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