"The Twilight Zone"

by Tsoi Wilson

the twilight zone seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Sunday 5th of September 2004 05:57:27 PM


Stephen Forsyth
Very high quality reflection shot.

Howard Dion
The original is good and would have done well, that is if we hadn't seen the other first. Catch my drift!

David McCracken
This is clever! You may have gathered that I wasn't too taken with the original that you posted. This is genius! Well done............ AGAIN!

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson Way too cool! Love it. I was a little confused when I first saw it, but I then read your explanation, The colors are so true, must have been a CLEAN water puddle, LOL. Very, very original.

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks Howard, David... Hey David, based on feedback (especially yours) immediately after posting the original, I had to re-examine the reflection v.s. reality equation and realize that the original may be too "clean." Oh well, hard to tell with these thing, but what the heck, I really like it myself! ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all... Thanks everyone for your feedback. Yes, this is quite confusing to most folks and if one doesn't take a bit more time to decipher, then it can easily be disregarded as a mere snapshot. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder....in this case. ^_^

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Yeah. I like this ... didn't see the other one. I love that you captured the blue from the sky in the reflection, as well as the clouds. The yellow walls give you wonderful, bright colors. I also like the diagonal lines all over the place. Great work! Would you mind uploading the original orientation as an attachment, just for reference?

Howard Dion
Very cool image. The angle of the shot itself and the tilt really make this unique. Well done. BTW: Never saw the original so I can't compare.

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks so far for all your feedback. Here's the original that I thought I had to rework a bit. I guess one can never tell with these reflection shots...

Ken Beilman
Wilson Like Jayme, I too was confused with it initially. Very creative!

Wilson Tsoi
Andrea, I'm glad you like it. I myself also like this type of reflection images (remember our discussions?) ^_^

Andrea Endisch
almost missed this one...good you have a new-uploads folder. I like this one a lot with the people appearing out of nowhere and passing up into the sky..you also managed to compose it well!

Charlotte Aberg
wow wilson - i love it! as you know i'm obsessed with reflections! i wish i had taken this one....dreamy...the people are like ghosts apperaring aout of nowhere!

Wilson Tsoi
Reflection at a train station (unmanipulated.) Comment is welcome. Unmanipulated reflection from water puddle at a train station entrance (rotated 180 degree for original orientation.) Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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