"Moon Rise At Mauna Kea"

by Tsoi Wilson

moon rise at mauna kea seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Friday 3rd of September 2004 10:53:44 PM


Tony Georgiadis
Nice mood.

Dominik Kuklinski
it would be great when the edges would be better quality.Technical quality isn't the best,but composition is great,it builds fairy atmosphere,like in fantasy books.Great colour,and conception with compilaton of 2 photos...Regards Dominik K.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson I love the gentle curve of the earth, the detail in the moon, and the colors of the sky. Is that the conservatory lights over on the far right? The tree folage seems to be creating it's own cloud like setting here on earth. I like this, it's a wonderful work.

Francesco Martini
aloha!!! great!!!!!

Gabriella Lucia
Simply beautifull, I really like the blue. This photo has a mood to it.

Howard Dion
Ahhhhhhhh! Someone needs to write a rock & roll song to go with this image. The cool air, the breeze, the moon, the twinkling lights, yea, yea yea! Great shot from the West Coast.

Wilson Tsoi
Dominik: The blurred edges are actually from the original capture that resulted from long exposure and a windy condition (notice the trees bending?) Linda: Yes, the top right is the Mauna Kea Observatory. If you're going to tour there, make sure you make a reservation at least 1 week in advance. Thank you everyone for your feedback. Appreciate it! ^_^

Baldur Birgis
I like the outcome. Very well done.

Ray Wei
Perfecto, Wilson.

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
This is cool ... the cloud is so eerie. I like the colors. The blue of the sky is unreal. You've got a wonderfully creative eye, Wilson!

Terry Ward
Very nice shot. T

Linda Keagle
Wilson I'm headed to the Big Island in a few days...no full moon while I'm there, however. The trees seem to be turning aside from the lunar light. This is an awesome image however it happened. Great work!!

Henri Manguy
Beautifull composition. The moon is perfectly exposed and photographed. Rather than combine two shots you could also make a double exposure on the same film, one for the moon alone and another one for the landscape and the sky without moon. That's what I have done on the photo I just have posted and that you cans see here : La lune sur la pointe de Tr鶩gnon .

Wilson Tsoi
Henri, thanks for your input as always. The difference between analog double exposure as you had described will not work in my situation because the moon WAS there in BOTH shots. If I had a film camera, I then would do what you suggested, but one frame will have to be without the moon (the main image,) and another frame with moon by itself (most likely with a longer focal length lens.) IMHO, I think that the image here is a more accurate representation of what actually took place that night (both images to be composited were taken from exact same position, with exact same camera & lens, just different exposure.) Thank you nevertheless for a very good point, Henri. ^_^

Richard Mitchell
Ahhhhh! Wison: Beautiful photograph! I am wondering if you have any comments about the process of stitching the properly exposed moon onto the shot with the properly exposed landscape (perfect exposure on each by the way!). I have found it difficult to do that seamlessly due to the halo around the moon in the landscape capture. Any advice? Your photo is nicely composed, with a beautiful scene and taken at just the right time. I especially like the backlight from the moon on the fog! BTW - I could tell this was nowhere near Chateau Ste. Michelle!

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks Richard for checking it out... Yes, the original, main pix has the halo of the moon all over. I had to fix that area with stamp tool first before dropping in the moon exposure. It does take some time to get used to if you've never done it before, but becomes second nature after a few tries. When you do it, vary your brush and opaquecity until you find something that you can easily control. See you around, my friend. ^_^

Ken Beilman
Technically and aesthetically well done. Great lighting and overall mood.

Erik Adams
What a nice photo. It has both a spooky and serene quality. I like how the clouds separate the foreground from the volcano itself. Are those lights on the summit the observatory? I'm impressed at how prolific you are. I upload one photo and you upload a folder full of them. Please keep it up.

Wilson Tsoi
"Moon Rise at Mauna Kea." Works for you? Combining 2 shots from the same outing. One exposed for moon, another exposed for everything else, then combined in PS. Would appreciate your feedback. Thanks. ^_^

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