Curves queen.

by Amelkovich Igor

curves queen nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Published: Friday 3rd of September 2004 01:38:27 PM


David McCracken
Classic ....but.... Classic Amelkovich but she needs more light on her stomach!

Sanjeewa Wickramarachi
Amazing 3-dimentionality!

Mike Matini
great model, great lighting

Bartek Milewski
excellent light! Contrast between wall's and skin's texture looks wonderful. Greetings, Bartek.

Javed Rassi
Fine shot I like the shadow on the stomach, makes it more interesting, I would not change a thing.

Jim Swenson
Vedry attractive model

ram nair
a perfectly shaped model

Edward Drew
Lovely The models body epitomises a perfect woman form, the stomach shadow is fine but small suggestions are to have the right leg illuminated. It would go with the whole illumination of the side view theme it seems to have. The right breast maybe should have recieved a little shade. But this is a masterful piece other than those very minor things. Thank you for creating it.

Gerry H
once again - unmistakeable work - perfect composition and tone and lighting - so professional - 14/7 14/7

Abdulla Alshehab
Excellent 7/7

Igor Amelkovich
Curves queen. Studio.

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