"Along a Canal"

by Tsoi Wilson

along a canal seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Friday 3rd of September 2004 01:54:58 AM


Fernando Pimenta
Original I like the original the best! But the other is fine too. Great Idea!

Stephen Forsyth
Interesting. The impressionist ideal of the reflection vs. the urban reality of the canal bank. What I can't decide is if I like the red brick building on the right. Its similar to the opposite bank, providing some balance, but also 'anchors' the relfection to reality. Do I like it linked to reality? Cropped out, there may be a greater contrast between the two halves. It could work either way, I think.

David McCracken
Confused! Don't you mean, "Along a Canal" (Best Viewed Lager) Just teasing. I like this! I am not sure the brick work to the left fits into the frame correctly. Maybe a little more of it would have helped.

David McCracken
Better I did say that..... I would give you more than 5/5 for the original Wilson! It is a strange one to look at! (Honest I haven't touched a can!)

Dario D
really a nice reflection. I love the saturated color of the sky in the canal

Francesco Martini
very nice image and reflections!!!!!

Allon Kira
Beautiful!! the colors in this image are excellent!

Babs Alkema
Along a Canal Beste Wilson Tsoi, ik zit op de fotovakschool te Apeldoorn en moet een reconstructie maken van een foto die je aanspreekt. Toen ik deze zag dacht ik WHAUU!! Nu is mijn vraag waar heb je deze prachtige foto gemaakt?

Andrea Salini
Very nice wotk, beautiful colors.

Howard Dion
I think what happens when people really like something is that they applaud and yell bravo! Can you hear my hands clapping?

David McCracken
Way to go! I edited my previous comment after you replied. Yes! I would flip it as you suggest. As for .... 'not having a can' I should add, 'YET!'

David McCracken
Like this Wilson! Hope you like it!

Cristina Fumi
absolutely perfect for me! I really like the colors and the composition

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson It makes me have vertigo! LOL. Looks like an "Alternate World" or seeing "Through the Looking Glass". Eye grabbing color, razor sharp clarity and a converging diagonal. Very, very nice!

Kim Slonaker
Caught my eye! Nice colors, interesting diagonals and some wavy shapes to hold your attention. I like it!

Pnina Evental
Upside down diagonal world.....and you are not drunk Wilson.....charming imagination for my taste.( the original version!) Pnina

Salvatore Mele
I prefer the flipped version. The original one has too much of a contrast between the great finely-coloured reflections and the relatively dull canal bank. I like to see in the flipped version the canal bank as the ceiling of some archway below which one is waliking while watching these sickely fluo houses, which stand point upward in the sky...

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Apparantly I don't know what the original post/caption were ... it doesn't help to be at work all day not looking at pictures/discussions until much too late. :-) Anyway ... the image that I'm looking at right now at the top of this page (houses reflected upside down, viewed LARGER) is awesome!! Great capture!

Wilson, I prefer the version of David, for I like the "either-or". In this picture we get a clear, concrete reflection of the original buildings, unfortunately get lost in the background. RE 6/7

maria pia guerrini
very nice reflection. good shot

Howard Dion
I vote YES for the original. More pleasing to the eye.

Roberto P
The diagonal cut of the image adds interest. Good job Wilson!

Ray Wei
Great job. Wilson, I like it a lot. Congratulations!

Landrum Kelly
Very nice shot. I think that the diagonals work here very well.

Andrea Endisch
after some thinking and talking I prefer your version, Wilson, just because I like it to be dissolving into light. Regards!

Ken Beilman
Wilson Very creative and well executed, as usual.

Ray Stofberg
Wilson, This is along the Kooltuin. This is the oldest canal in Alkmaar. In the 16th century this used to be the vegetable garden of the castle. You have taken this image almost in front of my door. I used to live in this straat until 2004.

Ray Stofberg
Thx! I think so too and have visited many other places as well. Maybe next time you visit the Netherlands, drop me a line.

Wilson Tsoi
"Along a Canal." Townscape through reflection, thoughts? Would appreciate your feedback. What works, what doesn't? Thanks in advance for your time. ^_^

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